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A Couple of Questions about Ejaculation – Female That Is

I’ve read your page regarding female ejaculation. It seems like it is what I am experiencing during an orgasm- whether my clitoris is stimulated only or my G- spot. The problem is that what comes out is not a clear, odorless fluid everyone is talking about. What comes out is definitely urine. It has a smell of urine and is usually light yellow. I usually go to the loo before sex but I still manage to produce floods of that stuff. Sometimes however, I am capable to orgasm without ‘peeing’ (but its rare). Does it have anything to do with my pubococcygeus muscle not functioning properly?
Please help, my bf and I love the fact that I ejaculate but I feel extremely embarrassed to find that it is actually pee.

It sounds like you’re pretty sure that your bladder is empty before you ejaculate and this makes me suspect that what you’re ejaculating might still not be urine, even if you think it smells like it. It could just be fluid that has been mixed with urine on it’s way out, giving it a similar smell/colour.

If you are really worried about it, you might want to talk to your family doctor / gyno and see what they recommend, you could also try doing some kegels to see if that strengthens the muscles in question and helps with this issue.

Other than that, I can suggest that you switch to having sex in locations where it doesn’t matter what the fluid is, for instance you could try sex in the shower, outdoors, or on a tile floor where it’s easy to mop up.

i am a woman and when i try to masturbate, before i even get to an orgasm, it seems like i have to pee, and
a watery substance comes out. i have read all of your articles on female ejaculation, but that talks about when a person has an orgasm, not before one can even get one. i was just wondering if this was still ejaculation, or something else.

It could be a little early ejaculation (men’s orgasms aren’t always perfectly paired with ejaculation either), I would suggest checking the liquid out to see how closely it resembles urine. If it turns out that you do think it’s urine, this might be something you want to bring up with your doctor. You could also try practicing kegels or, if it’s not really bothering you, just make sure that you masturbate on a towel or in the bathtub/shower.

6 comments to A Couple of Questions about Ejaculation – Female That Is

  • Gadfly

    Yeah, it’s strange that nobody has put a convincing lid on this argument.

    The medically recognized female ejaculation is a small release of milky fluid from the paraurethral (Bartolins) glands.

    Medically speaking, there is NO reservoir in the female pelvis that could hold the 3′ squirts that are shown in the squirt videos other than the bladder. Medically speaking, that much fluid MUST be urine.

    However, I have had bi women tell me with absolute certainty, that when they have had lovers squirt in their face that it neither smelled like urine nor looked like it. In fact, it supposedly tastes faintly sweet.

    So at this juncture, I have no opinion on the matter :-/

  • Shay

    You mean Skene’s glands, right?

  • Gadfly

    Woops. I meant parauretheral, NOT Bartolin’s

    My bad.

    parauretheral = Skene’s

    I had it right in my head, but my terms clotted *chuckle*

  • Strumpet

    Ahhhh….to some it just cums so easily…


    Squirtless in Chicago

  • Shay

    The first time I ever squirted was during masturbation and my first thought was “oh lord, i peed the bed” but it took me reading up on it to determine that I hadn’t peed the bed.

    strumpet–honestly, i can only squirt when I’m alone and it takes a ton of work but for me it doesn’t intensify my orgasm so I don’t think you are missing much :)

  • Shay

    Whoa that totally threw me off!
    I was like, “hey I didn’t say that… OH it’s the OTHER Shay”

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