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The S Spot Corrupts Your Childhood 2 – Motha Smurfer!

You remember the Smurfs right?
Or maybe Stroumphs - if you watched it in French (like I sometimes did).

Those cute little blue guys (and ONE girl) who live in mushroom houses, they get chased by a crazy guy in a dress and his cat – any of this ringing a bell?

I used to watch The Smurfs every saturday morning,
but I certainly don’t remember it ever being like this!:

6 comments to The S Spot Corrupts Your Childhood 2 – Motha Smurfer!

  • Strumpet

    I’ve always wanted to see a little Smurf Bukkake action myself…

    I’ve always felt Smurffette would have looked so pretty atop a mushroom cap basking in the glow of smurfy cum as the boys circle-jerked their way around her.

    And I bet she would have LIKED it.

    Ahhh…to live vicariously through Smurfette…

    We can just leave Vanity in the closet where he belongs.

    And Gargamel can watch the action in his crystal ball or whatever it is he does over there while he plays with Azrael.

    And, of course, Papa Smurf gets first wank privileges.

  • Mina

    I watched that too all the time! *sigh* I wonder whats become of them now? lol Oh wait… that’s right… this is what they are doing! Poor little guys.. having to sell themselves. hehehehe

  • Narcissu

    lol it rememberd me the adult swim robot chicken show XD

  • George

    I guess they would give the real meaning to blue balls

  • Curvaceous Dee

    I’m with Strumpet on this one – I think Bukkake Smurf porn would be pretty hot :)

    But would their come be as blue as their balls?

    xx Dee

  • Maikeru

    Well there’s only one girl and a whole bunch of guys so her life has got to be pretty interesting. Also, if there’s only one girl survival of their species comes down to making sure she reproduces and you know what that means.

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