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HNT from the past

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Some of you know that I am a former Catholic Schoolgirl
Here is my proof!

*ahem* That’s me in the skirt (in case you couldn’t guess)
Ooo this is a good picture! I’m even wearing my little lacy socks! ^_^

In other news, I have only had ONE person send in their answers for my treasure hunt.
Make Shay happy and take a crack at it (there is still a prize to be mailed out).
Here are the questions to be answered:

1. Why did I stop writing for the Ontarion? (take a guess)
2. What company got me blogging again over the summer?
3. What was the first toy guide that I published?
4. What was the first toy review that I published?
5. What does S.H.A.Y. stand for?
6. Where did I say I used to live?
7. What was my first reader question? (*hint – the ones from Sept ‘04 ’till Aug ‘05 don’t count*)8. What kind of images am I known for posting in my blog?
9. Which is the guest cockblogger that I have dated?
10. What is your favorite HNT of mine?

Happy searching! ^_^
e-mail your answers to: [email protected]

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