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Screaming O – or Not

I tested the aphrodisiac/sexual stimulant/orgasm intensifying tea, Screaming O, this weekend.

It is extremely difficult to test the effectiveness of products like this because so many things can affect arousal, but I tried my best. (I might do one more trial just to be sure.)

An assistant and I drank a few cups of tea over the weekend, one each on Friday and Saturday and two each on Sunday. The first thing we both noticed was that this tea tasted terrible!! “Screaming O” has a bitter taste.

Neither of us found that the tea made us any more horny than usual (actually I thought it may have made me a little sleepy). We did end up having a lot of sex over the weekend but, like I said above, this could very well have been due to us both having more time on our hands than usual this past weekend.

As for orgasm intensifying, I did not find that “Screaming O” made me more vocal (however, I can’t really get more vocal than I already am, so this couldn’t really be tested with me) and I did not feel that it made my orgasms more intense. I checked with my assistant and he mentioned that he did feel like he was cumming pretty hard, but he couldn’t tell if it was because of the tea or if it was just me.

The ingredients listed for this tea are peppermint, suma, ginseng and “other natural herbs”. As far as I know “suma” is a organic food company so I’m not sure why it is listed in the ingredients.
Apparently peppermint is a common ingredient in many herbal “sexual enhansers” and from what I can tell, it is meant to boost sensitivity. (Wow! And I have been drinking peppermint tea for years!)
Ginseng is also a well know herb used in herbal “sexual stimulants”. It has been used for centuries to “cure” a variety of illnesses and sexual dysfunctions but science has not yet been able to prove that it can live up to these claims.

[I used to chew ginseng gum all the time when I was in high school, because I liked the taste. However, I don't know if my behaviour at 18 can really speak for the effectiveness of the herb as a sexual stimulant.]

In conclusion, I was very disappointed with this tea – especially considering the effectiveness of Intimate teas’ other product, My Maple Cookie (read my review of that tea HERE).
But I’ve been convinced to give Screaming 1 out of 10 because there may be a placebo effect that I was immune to.

If you want to try “Screaming O” for yourself, click HERE to order. But please, help a poor student out and fill in “SHAYS” when they ask about your “sales agent code”.

[Being an "agent" does NOT influence what I write about my experience with the teas - in case you were worried]

8 comments to Screaming O – or Not

  • Alex

    I think I’ll just stick to the peppermint tea then. I drink loads of the stuff. I switched when I realised I was drinking too much coffee and “conventional” tea.

    You know the symptoms, wide staring eyes, insomnia, fervent belief that the coffee table hates you … though the last one was probably some else I’d imbibed.

    Alex ;)

  • JStrap

    If it tasted that bad it must have done you some good. Even if it didn’t have the desired effect.

    Oh, thanks for the link by the way.


  • Lord & Ms C

    If (and that’s a big if) push ever came to shove and I’d require such stimulation, I’ll be putting my trust in scientific discoveries such as Viagra (hopefully cheap generic viagra by then!)

    Lord C

  • Naughty Faery

    Aw, sounds like the experimenting was fun though. I relate on the whole vocal thing ;-)

  • Ed

    Think I’ll stick to PG Tips.
    Which actually does have magic qualities. :)

  • bedroomdancer

    Aw shucks, I was kind of hoping for a screaming o, for true. Oh, well, I already scream so…

  • Demon Queen

    I need a screaming O, or even a quiet O at this point LOL!

    You are tagged sweet cheeks.

    Have fun!

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    3. Find the 5th sentence, or closest to.
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    5. Tag 5 people to do the same.

    Ed, I’m coming for you next.

  • BettyBoop

    I just tried this with my guy. We made the Iced Tea recipie listed on their website. It was delicious. I’m an herbal tea lover, Anyway, SHAY you’ve got to try this again!!!!!!!!!! Honey, I’ve never experienced anything like this and my boyfriend swears it increased his load. I can actually attest to that. He bought the sample size but we are buying the full sized one so we can have a very merry Christmas.

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