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Slide On A Few More Inches

[Another Lovedreamer Article. Personally I feel that very few men actually need a few more inches... but it's up to you - if you think it will help your love life, give it a try]

Penis extensions, or prosthetic penis attachments (PPA), have been around for a long time. How long? Well, the first recorded reference to penis extensions was found in the Kama Sutra, written around 330 C.E. The Kama Sutra is a classic Indian sex manual, and its authors suggested that devotees make their own penis extenders from materials such as wood, leather, buffalo horn, copper, silver, ivory or gold.

Very interesting you say, but what IS a penis extension? Well, today they are typically made out of cyber-skin, latex, or silicone and they resemble a short dildo attached to a sleeve which goes over the penis. The design is meant to give a few more inches to men who are feeling a bit… small.

Since penile enlargement surgery tends not to give men any increase in length or girth when erect, a solid penis extension is the way to go for men who have been injured or who want to experiment with their partner using a larger penis than the one they were born with.

This product is also great for men with erectile dysfunctions; the extension can be worn over a semi-erect penis to provide firm penetration for their partner. In fact, the first US patent granted for a penis extension was given to inventor Louis Hawley for his “penis stiffener” – a hollow metal cylinder with a big hole at one end, for the penis, and little hole at the other end for the sperm to exit. Hawley came up with this invention as an aid for men with erectile dysfunction.

The penis extensions that sells are fairly easy to put on and much more comfortable than Hawley’s design, you just roll the sleeve down the shaft of your penis like a condom (however, penis extensions are not a recognized form of birth control or disease protection). The extensions are also available in a variety of designs. For example, the “G-Spot Extension” is, you guessed it, designed to apply more stimulation on a woman’s g-spot during intercourse. Many of the extensions also have little nodules along the outside of the shaft for extra stimulation.

Don’t really need/want to add any artificial inches to your penis? You could try a penis sleeve instead. carries a variety of sleeves, from ticklers that slip over your finger, to cylinders, like long cock rings, that fit over your favorite penis or toy.

The great thing about the sleeves is that they don’t even really require a penis to be involved! Individuals can slip the sleeve (some of which are designed to look like a penis anyway– e.g. the “veined vibe sleeve”) over their favorite vibrator or dildo to add a little extra texture and/or thickness.

Most penis extensions and sleeves don’t really provide any extra stimulation for the person wearing them – they are mainly for the pleasure of the wearer’s partner(s). However, some sleeves are textured on the inside as well, like the “Julian Senso Sleeve”, designed to provide pleasure for everyone involved.

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