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Add Inches to Your Self Esteem

[Another article for LoveDreamer - Again, I don't really feel that there are a whole lot of men who need something like this. I have even read testimonial from women, saying that they didn't really feel much of a difference after their partner tried pumping. But if you think it will help you, go ahead and try, it's your decision.
Before you buy please read this story about what can happen if you ignore the safety guidelines!]

For as long as there have been penises, there have been men who just aren’t satisfied with their penis, who have longed for “natural” ways to make it bigger. The Penis pump has been recognized as one answer to this demand for penis enlargement.

But there are actually two kinds of penis pumps – enlarging pumps and masturbation pumps. The masturbatory pumps, like the “Robo Suck 2″, uses suction as a stimulatory device, to enhance the illusion of sexual intercourse or oral play that the tool is trying to create. This type of pump tends to have a few more “bells and whistles”, such as textured lining and/or suction adjustment valves.

The penis enlargement pumps tend to be a little more simplistic in design – often it is just a cylinder, a tube, and a hand pump. The penis enlargement pump is perfect for someone suffering from erectile dysfunction, because it can help them achieve a full erection, which then can be maintained temporarily with a slightly compressive cock ring.

However, many more than those men with erectile problems use the penis enlargement pumps. This is because penis enlargement pumps can temporarily increase the size of a penis by increasing the amount of blood that is in the spongy erectile tissue and the surrounding area.
Enlargement pumps are usually controlled manually, using a pump bulb similar that used by doctors to check blood pressure. As the air is pumped out of the cylinder, a vacuum is created and the penis expands a bit in an attempt to fill the empty space.

In theory, continuous use of the penis enlargement pump is supposed to work like weightlifting – the repeated engorgement and stretching of the tissues is believed to increase the absolute length of the erect penis permanently.IHowever, I did not find any scientific evidence to support this hypothesis.

Unfortunately, using a penis pump is not all fun and games – or in this case, vacuums and inches. There is always the risk of serious injury if the directions are not followed correctly; you must not subject your penis to pressure over 10 mm Hg (and do NOT attempt to use an actual vacuum cleaner to create the suction). If you are not careful when you are pumping, you may end up with burst blood vessels, blisters, or you could accidentally suck your scrotum into the cylinder – which, I’ve been told, is excruciating and dangerous. It’s best to get a pump with emergency release valves like “Dr Joel’s Pump” which has a pressure gauge and a quick release safety system by the grip.

A penis pump can be a good way to add a few inches to your self esteem or to get back the love life you thought you had lost – but it is very important to follow all the instructions that come with your pump so that you can avoid any embarrassing or painful injuries.

Oh! And pumps aren’t just for the boys! There are vaginal pumps for women which use suction to coax more blood into the labia and clitoris – thereby sensitizing the area and opening up a whole new world of fun. Some designs also vibrate.

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3 comments to Add Inches to Your Self Esteem

  • Richard Lovel

    I have had a couple of penis pumps. I enjoy the sensation as a change of pace once in a while, but I don’t find them very satisfactory for masturbation. However, being pumped by a woman would be a real turn on, in a kinky sort of way.

  • Anonymous

    I have not used any penis pumps, but I have used a vacuum as a pleasure devise, and I didn’t even get my balls stuck! I stumbled upon it really. What I was thinking was that I could use a vacuum to make my penis larger becuase, well, it’s a vacuum. So I find an old tubular vacuum with a hoes sticking out of the front and remove the hoes. I insert my penis and I feel it getting bigger, so I want to look at it. I start to remove the vacuum, when right as I start to pull it off, it vibrates my penis with an erotic frequency. I leave it there and I cum my brains out. It was one of the more pleasurable experiences I’ve ever had, but yet I’m only a virgin, who has only had a blow job.

  • Shay

    Richard – So you use them as more of a foreplay kind of toy, that makes sense. :)

    Vladimir – I’m glad to hear that you were able to enjoy your particular vacuum without injury, but I hope you will be more careful in the future. Vacuums don’t have a standard pressure and you could really hurt yourself by sticking any body part inside one, let alone something as significant as your penis. There are lots of other interesting ways to masturbate, why not try one of them in the future?

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