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Dildoes II

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{Voila – the revamped dildo article that i just finished for lovedreamer – mmm smell that fresh pvc!}
The Dildo is one of the most famous and widely used tools of masturbation. It is a non vibrating toy/implement that is used to fill an orifice like a vagina or rectum. A Dildo is typically a shaft of some sort and can be made into a variety of forms from a variety of materials.

The history of the dildo goes back surprisingly far. It is believed that humans have been using special tools to penetrate themselves sexually since third century BC. The Greeks are said to have fashioned phallic tools out of stone, leather, or wood; and olive oil was the lube of that era. It is thought that these tools were used in fertility or deflowering rituals.

According to the Wikipedia, “A beautiful jade phallus, which may very well have been used as a dildo, and is reckoned by curators to be about 4000 years old, is currently on display in the Ancient Chinese Sex Culture Museum near Shanghai. Dildos are also mentioned, figuratively, in the Bible (see Ezekiel 16:17).”

In the 1800’s women would go to the doctor for treatment of “female hysteria” which was characterized by symptoms of irritability, excessive vaginal fluids, heavy uterus and fantasies. To “cure” their patients, doctors would massage the woman’s vulva and clitoris until she achieved “paroxysm” (uh…today that’s called an “orgasm”). It didn’t take long before doctors began prescribing a phallus shaped apparatus for home treatment of “hysteria” and anxiety.

In the early 20th century dildos and vibrators were advertised in women’s magazines as cures for anxiety and tension. This “new” therapeutic tool became widely popular and their use was encouraged to keep women “happy and content”. Once the technology developed, Vibrators evolved from the Dildo and masturbation was changed forever (again)!

Today dildos are still widely known and extremely popular. They come in MANY different sizes and shapes, usually categorized into representational (i.e. Penis shaped) or non representational and carries a variety of both. Some people will prefer representational toys like the “classic 8 inch jelly” or the “Dick Rambone” because of its comfort and familiarity, while others may chose toys like the “Cool Kobe Passion” or “Gentle Jenteal” for a little variety or to avoid bringing another penis into their playtime.

It’s also important to find the right diameter for your dildo – too wide and it will be painful, too small and it might not fill you up the way you want. Some people recommend experimenting with clean fruits and veggies or your fingers to help determine the right diameter. At the very least, if this is your first dildo, go with a smallish one – it’s better to avoid injury and work your way up to the “Hand of Adonis” over time.

Once you’ve decided on a shape and size, you’ll have to choose the material that your dildo will be made out of and there is quite a variety to choose from there as well. While early dildos were made from materials like stone, leather, wood, pottery, or even wax, it’s unlikely that you’d find anything like that in your local sex shop and for good reason. The newer materials used today are cleaner, safer, and much more comfortable. For instance, you can chose from cyber-skin, silicone, acrylic, jelly, glass, or you could even mold your own rubber dildo from a willing male (or fruit)!

The cyber-skin, silicone, and jelly dildos are nice because they are a little more realistic (i.e. soft) to the touch and tend to absorb and hold your body heat well. On the other hand, the benefit of the glass dildos is that they can be warmed or cooled to any temperature; however, you have to be very careful and follow proper instructions to avoid injury. The glass dildos are also non porous (unlike materials like cyber-skin) which makes them easier to clean and resistant to bacterial growth.

There’s quite a variety out there so you’re bound to find a dildo that is perfect for you, whether it’s a little glass piece or a big double dong to share with your friend

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