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Semen Allergy or Just an Upset Tummy?

Yesterday I was with a brand new partner, I gave him a blowjob, and swallowed. Today, I had woken up around 7am feeling unusually tired and queesy then, around 5:30pm, after a ride in the car, vomited, feeling instantly better afterward.

I do have a history of car sickness, but this is not the first time that something like this has happened. I have experienced this same phenomenon eight times already, six with a ex and, once today, once with a very long term fuck-buddy. This is only the second time this has ever happened with a car.

Help me Super Shay!!
P.S Also, any tips on how/where/what to get a/as first time vibe without a very snoopy parent discovering? Cheap, quiet, mildly powerful, insertable, and rechargable? Doesn’t need ridges or anything super special. Thanks!!

I feel like the time interval between swallowing his cum and when you started to feel ill is too long for it to be an allergic reaction.  But, I’m not a medical expert.  It could be a coincidence, but 8 times seems like a lot of coincidences.  hmmm

Also, nausea and vomiting are an unusual reaction if it IS a semen allergy – usually people with semen allergies experience more “traditional” allergy symptoms: pain and swelling at the contact site (where the cum touched you), hives, trouble breathing, and swelling.  Also, semen allergies are relatively unusual with oral.  This may be because it’s the protein in the semen that people are usually allergic to, and the acids in the stomach burn up those proteins.

Still, if you think your nausea and vomiting had something to do with the semen and it’s not just a stomach bug or a reaction to something you ate (gluten?), I think your best bet might be to play it safe and avoid swallowing for a while.  Have your partner(s) wear a condom while you give him a blowjob (which is safer for you anyway) or just have him finish by hand – if you know what I mean.

If you still wake up feeling nauseous once in a while that may help you narrow down what is actually making you sick (maybe something else you ate/drank?) – if you never get nauseous again then you might want to talk to your doctor about getting tested for some sort of semen allergy.

As for your other question – how about getting one of those little hand-held vibrating back massagers.  There are ones that have three or four “legs” that you can usually find in a lot of different stores.  And since it doesn’t even look like a sexy vibrator, your snoopy parent(s) will have no idea what you’re really using it for.

Good luck!

less in your mouth might be better...

6 comments to Semen Allergy or Just an Upset Tummy?

  • Hugo

    can’t this be something psicosomatic (not sure if that’s spelled right)
    i mean, she might (in her subconciousness) reject the idea of swalowing the sperm
    and after a while, somatize her rejection by vomiting
    is that plausible?

  • IDiom

    I’ll wager it is all psychosomatic, I recall my own response to swallowing was nausea – largely due to the texture being somewhat off-putting.

    It also seems unlikely that someone could have a semen allergy as the bulk of the matter in ejaculate is saline and some basic proteins and sugars and if you are displaying no other signs of an allergic reaction (swelling or soreness) then chances are that it isn’t an allergic reaction.

    Reasonably then we should assume that other factors could lead to nausea – taste could be a factor (and that is dependent largely on the diet of your partner) and quantity swallowed could trigger a nausea response. I over came my nausea by consuming my own ejaculate and becoming desensitised to the texture and taste, though this is less of an option for you.

  • Jonathan

    It can depend on the allergy. My GF’s allergic to yeast and milk, but it takes up to three days for the allergy to kick in. Then, the allergy is just she feels like utter shit with muscle pain and tiredness.

  • psylon

    Hmmm well the first 10 times I swallowed I had the same reaction. It took some time but after I got used to it then it stopped making me vomit, now both my male and female partners are happy and so am I, so I’d say to see if you react that way to your own orgasmic juices and if you don’t have your partners eat more fruit.

  • I think one thing the psychosomatic proponents are forgetting is that it’s a LONG time between when she swallowed and when she felt nauseous. I could see if she vomited within an hour or two, but the next day? Also this may not happen every time? It’s not very clear from her story. *shrug*

  • Tom

    Not very likely considering this has happened a number of times before, but there is a possibility of some germs on his penis. Sometimes when I masturbated, I would use my own saliva- and then the next day I would get real bad stomach cramps and diarrhea, just like as if I had eaten some bad food. I haven’t experienced that since I switched to lube.

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