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Toy Review - Remote Vibrating Panties

Bullet vibes are fine, but I’ve always thought they’d be more fun without the crazy long  (or too short) wire hooking the controller up to the actual bullet – you know, something you could hand off to a partner if you wanted to have some discrete fun in public places.  Something, like Babeland’s Remote Vibe Panty.

The package comes with a pair of soft black satin panties with tie-up sides (meant for hips between 25 and 65 inches around) and a bullet vibe with a remote control.  The panties have a pouch inside the front too, so you can tuck the bullet inside and nestle it against your clit.

The bullet has a little plastic loop on the end, which is suspect means the manufacturers probably had the idea that some women might want to pop it inside their vagina; but the bullet is a little chunky, so I can’t imagine that would be very comfortable unless you’re using it strictly for masturbation. (NB: this toy would NOT be safe for anal insertion)

The remote has a pretty good range (the manufacturer says it has a 16 foot range), I tested it around corners and through walls and it still worked.  This is def something you and a partner could conceal and play with at a party – your partner should be able to give you a little buzz, even if you can’t see her/him (though it may not work if you are on different floors of a house).

The vibe comes with N batteries for both the bullet and the remote (yay for toys that come with batteries!) and the toy has multiple vibration settings and pulse programs.  The whole thing also comes in a black satin pouch, which you can use for storage.

What I liked:  I really liked the wireless remote control, it was convenient and very easy to use by myself, and is small enough to conceal in a pocket if you want to buzz someone else from across the room.  Even if you did drop it, I doubt anyone would recognize it as a remote control for a vibrating bullet (but don’t lose it!).  The bullet was as pretty powerful and the pulse programs are a lot of fun.  The panties are also very comfortable and the pouch inside put the bullet in a perfect position for me.

What I didn’t like: no real complaints, though I do feel like the bullet is a little big and might show if you used it under tight pants.

This toy would be great for:  couples who get off on sneakily getting each other off in public places – heck, if you’re single, you could even pick someone cute at a party to hand off the remote to or recruit a friend to pick someone at random who you then have to locate as they buzz your panties with the remote control.  This toy is also plenty of fun to play with alone, the wireless controller means that you don’t have to worry about it getting tangled up with your sheets.

Babeland’s Remote Vibe Panty gets a sneaky 8 out of 10:

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