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Beat The Heat - Win a Toy! - CONTEST NOW CLOSED

The summer is almost officially here,
but it’s already heating up like crazy!

We all have our own methods for cooling off when the temperature outside starts making things hot and sticky.

Some people like to wear a little clothing as possible
Some people make ice dildos
Some people jump in the pool

Our friends at Babeland and I want YOU to tell us your sexiest ways to beat the heat!

Leave a comment and YOU could win a hot Waterproof vibe from Babeland!

[Unfortunately this contest is only open to residents of the US (or people who have friends in the US that the prize can be shipped to) - also you must be 18yrs of age.]

{Hmmm maybe this will even give some of you some ideas for CBW ^_~}

This contest is open from now until June 3oth!

29 comments to Beat the Heat – Win a Toy! – CONTEST NOW CLOSED

  • Nate

    This a perfect way to get the girlfriend to try toys.

  • World Cup News

    You’re a Really Professional Blogger, Either have got first hand understanding of what your talking about or you did some great research. Thank you for this wonderful post.

  • Nate – yes, it would be, but your comment doesn’t count as an entry silly!

    WCN – wow… uh… thanks? Sorry I had to take the link out of your spammy comment, but I’ll leave the comment itself for hilariousness.

  • Waterproof is always a high plus! Nothing better than getting down and dirty under a cool’ish shower when the temp climbs to 100+

    Been a follower for a long time time now, and absolutely love your Q&A and reviews. – And I’m seriously coming after you if you don’t continue past… well, 100+ ;)

  • Nate

    OH OK. We cooled off in the pool today but when it gets really hot its time to whip out the ice cube tray and either play hide the ice cube or put one in my mouth so my lips and tongue are cold on her.

  • JR

    We didn’t have air conditioning last summer so we’d cool off by showering together. We’ve never been big on shower sex, but spreading some towels on the bed let us enjoy some wet naked time.

    Our other strategy to beat the heat was to take our mind off it by playing games. We enjoy watching “Hell’s Kitchen” during the summer so we made a game out of it. We each picked one of the teams and every time Gordon Ramsay yelled at one of your team members for doing something wrong you had to remove an article of clothing. At the end of the show, the person who picked the losing team had to go down on the winner and then the winner got to pick the position for the sex that was sure to follow. It was still hot in the bedroom, but we didn’t mind at all.

  • Master and me will sometimes sneak toys out to the pool when nobody’s looking. ^^

  • AL

    Seconding the taking showers together. And having the fan on full blast definitely encourages cuddling, which of course leads to other things…

  • Ice Cream in bed! Even better if you have some kind of yummy syrup to put all over it. We aren’t too big into playing with our food, but a little does sneak it’s way onto a nipple or two. It’s great for making your lips and tongue cold for kissing, and oral..

  • Ginger

    My boyfriend and I play strip chess as a fun way to cool off (or not, lol!). There are various penalties for having your pieces captured (a kiss for pawns, pieces of clothing for the more important ones) and the winner gets the sexual favour of their choice.

  • ezoltanl

    My girlfriend and I will take turns tying up and blindfold each other in bed, and teasing the other’s body with ice cubes while they squirm and feeding each other frozen fruits like grapes and berries.

  • Timbo

    I think my girl and I are gradually descending into the kinkier side of sex as we keep trying new toys that open up new possibilities and angles of enjoyment :D

  • Shannon

    I’m rarely home alone and have nosy parents who open the door without knocking, so I usually have to wait until night time when people are sleeping or when everyone is gone, but when they are, a shower with cool water (not ice cold, cause that hasn’t been nearly as fun) and a toy is awesome. I only have two toys which is sad, and only one is “splashproof” enough to take in the shower… which is Babeland’s Cloud 9 which I absolutely love, but I really want to try out a rechargeable vibe, or just any other vibe since 2 is not enough variety. But yeah, a shower that’s on the chilly side is fun, especially because there really aren’t any pools in my town of under 2,000 people that I can use and when I swim it’s usually in the lake 20 miles away or in the river, neither of which are nearly as fun as a cool shower.

  • Amy

    There is nothing sexy about my life right now, heat or no. I would LIKE to be tied to the bed and tortured with ice cubes – which is an option when I decide I’m through being through with men. You people all have partners! I think the toy should go to the unpaired girl reading sex toy reviews on a Friday afternoon!

  • Kiki

    Oh, my is it hot here in South Florida. Master is keeping me inside with the AC (naked) and lots of cuddles until it gets cooler (sometime in October at this rate).

  • tree

    This would be PERFECT! Orgasms and endorphins always make the warm weather (or cold shower) more enjoyable.

  • Amy – it does sound like most of the entrants have partners, but that isn’t a requirement! :)

  • CaramelAh

    When it gets hot–and I mean sticky Texas hot, broken air-con hot–the best cure for summertime blues is a nice cold shower and completely vegging in bed. Since too much touch is going to raise temperatures, we keep the massage to fingertips and light, feathery touches–if they should invite shivers, all the better! ;)

  • psylon

    The way my partners and I cool off is by going to our apartment’s pool and skinny dipping there are no children in our complex but plenty of people between 20 and 29. Most of the time we’ll take a couple of toys and play games like Marco polo, the one who gets caught is then toyed with until their about to orgasm and then the next round starts.

  • Tabitha

    It’s disgustingly humid here, so much so that I once showered and the steam simply did not dissipate. o.O Luckily the humidity means evaporating water and eventually rain, which is where my cooling off technique comes into play.

    When it finally does come down, in buckets, I like to lean out of my balcony and let the rain plant little stinging kisses all down my back and along my shoulders. If I’m feeling particularly adventurous I’ll sit on the railing, grab a pole and lean out so that my chest and face can get nice and wet too.

    The drenched, white tee look makes me feel especially sexy, and the cold from the wind and rain makes my nipples stand right up and say “Hello!” (Who doesn’t like friendly nipples?) Then I get to come in and strip down entirely before going anywhere, ahem, to avoid drenching the entire apartment, of course. ;)

  • Ashley Dickey

    My fiance and I stay cool my taking turn rubbing ice cubes all over each other’s stomach, and then moving down and using the cold on each others genitals for the best oral sex ever

  • My man an I like too cool off on hot summers days by either laying naked in front of the air con, spraying water on each others sensitive areas to add that extra chill, or at night we will head to our local nudist beach and go skinny dipping under the light of the moon, sometimes doing more than Just swimming, especially if we grab toys that have been chilling out in the fridge!

  • I’d love a fun new waterproof toy from Babeland! My partner and I like to lay on our Liberator Throe and run ice down each other’s bodies.

  • I wear a spaghetti strapped knee length sun dress and climb into a cold shower (dress on) after soaking myself, I get out, don’t dry off and go to the freezer to eat a frozen banana sometimes on my porch in a desperate attempt to catch a breeze, sometimes in the shade of my home.

    Then I repeat as many times as needed.

  • Matt

    we hang out at the local walmart/costco. we cruise the frozen food aisle with our wireless remote toys in hand. well in her and around me technically. i have her remote, she has mine. so while cooling off our whole body, we’re really heating our naughty parts up. by the time we’ve “cooled off” we’d be over each other in the car . (we get a lot of weird stares at the store for our awkward sex facial expression moments. LOL)

  • Rhiannon

    I like to cool down with a cool shower with my partner and sometimes with a favorite ‘friend’ I have a few water proof toys that I love and am looking to add new ones to my collection soon! Hope everyone has a wonderfully cool and relaxing summer!

  • SoComplicated

    Oh yeah, toys and water sports! Life doesn’t get much better than that. Plus it looks like it would be pretty easy to hide when on deployment. Gotta make it through those long months somehow!!!!!

  • NDO

    My wife likes to lie down on the bed and I surprise her by spraying different parts of her body with an alcohol-based body spray that feels cool as it dries. It gives her goosebumps when I do it right, and it always gets things going.

  • deadpoet

    This product would be teh best thing to add to my life. winning this would mean everything to me

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