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Product Review - 2040

Just a disclaimer before you read this review: I’m a harsh judge of porn – I’m really really picky about what I want to see and what I don’t want to see.  Still, when when my friends at Babeland asked me if I wanted to review this new big-budget porn that was chock full of stars and poised to win awards, I thought I’d give 2040 a chance to impress me.

So, I recruited a straight guy friend to watch it with me (to provide a guy’s perspective for you) and we popped it in (the DVD not… you know… ^_~) to have a look.

What we liked:  The nice thing about watching a big budget porn is the attention to detail; the sets were nice, the costumes were good, and everything looked great.   Alektra Blue played a fantastic android (all joking aside about porn actresses’ ability), I was extremely impressed with how well she stayed in character.  However, for me, personally, Kristen Price stole the show a little – her character was just so damn spicy, and hot in her techie costume (esp the one they show her in on the cover).  I also enjoyed the details that were added for the story – like the “director” instructing Randy Spears’ character to ejaculate in the sex android’s removable oral cavity, and the discussion about Alektra’s character’s self cleaning vagina.  haha

What we didn’t like: It’s the same complaint I have about most mainstream porn – the sex is too repetitive and I get bored.  Especially with all the oral; I don’t know what it is, but watching blowjob after blowjob bores me to death.  My male friend even agrees with me here – there is too much time spent on bjs and he not only finds it boring, but doesn’t particularly enjoy looking at another man’s cock for so long.  But hey, that’s just us.  Oh, I also find Randy Spears a little creepy – though he DID play his role well.

Also, I couldn’t decide if this was bad or not – but 2040 is a REALLY long movie and the plot kinda drags by the end.  I’m wondering if maybe you’re not meant to watch it all in one sitting.

Final Verdict:  This porn was pretty to look at and the plot was carried out fairly well, but we still found it a little boring.   However, as I said above – we are quite picky.

2040 gets a 6 out of 10

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