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Product Review - Babeland's Massage Bar

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Well fine Babeland, go ahead and update your products before I have a chance to finish reviewing them!  I’m still going to review the original massage bar and just assume that their fancy new massage cube is just as good, if not better.

So, Babeland makes a few different massage products (remember the spray-on massage oil and melting massage candle?), but their massage bar is a little different.  The version I had was rounded and kinda shaped like a double thick peanut-butter cup.  The bars themselves are made out of cocoa and shea butter (shea -> shay? neat!), so I knew they’d be great for conditioning the skin.  But still, before I tried it, I didn’t think a massage bar would work very well, I thought it would be hard and take a while to melt so that it would be all friction-y as I rubbed it across my partner’s back (what? you except me to massage myself? that’s no way to test a massage product!) – boy was I happily surprised.

What I liked:  Pretty much this is the awesomest massage product I’ve ever used. It wasn’t messy, there were no bottles to keep track of, and it melted perfectly.  The bar was soft (without being squishy) and melted quickly enough that I could rub it gently across my partners back and leave a nice trail of oil behind.  After a couple of passes down their back I had enough oil for massaging.  I left the bar in the small of their back and it rested there without turning into a puddle.  I also loved how it smelled – I had the Blackberry Vanilla Musk sent – yum!

What I didn’t like: that I don’t have a stockpile of these babies!

This product would be great for: travel – you can toss one in you luggage to bring with you on a romantic getaway and not worry about fluids leaking or getting stopped at security (like you might if you were transporting liquid massage oil).  The massage bar that I had should give you enough massage lube for two whole, average sized, bodies – or three to four backs.  Massage is a great way to be intimate without having sex AND serves as great foreplay if you want to have sex after the massage. ^_~

I’m giving Babeland’s massage bar a tentative 10 out of 10, since it IS the best massage product I’ve ever used:10of10

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