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Diary of a Futa 10

Well hey there!
It’s been a while since we last saw an entry in the Diary of a Futa.

There seems to be some pages missing after the last entry, so I guess we’ll just have to pick up here.

You don’t HAVE to read the older entries to know what’s going on, but it might help you familiarize (or RE-familiarize) yourself with the characters and their past adventures.

Read on and Enjoy!

The further we went, the more people seemed to be cramming themselves into the already packed bus. I flinched away as a cute guy with blond surfer hair squeezed past me; he gave me a cocky wink as he passed and I could feel my cheeks getting hot.

“Marny, this was a terrible idea,” I whispered, “this bus is so packed, what are we going to do if it’s this packed when we get to the beach?”

“Don’t worry, my cousin’s beach house is in a really secluded area.  Most of the neighbours have either already gone north for the summer or won’t be coming down until their kids are out of school.”

“Is your cousin going to be there?” Laura asked, giggling a little as a guy in a suit passed a little too close to her crotch and gave her a confused double-take.

We both knew why Laura was asking.  Last year, when Marny’s cousin had come to visit her at school, he and Laura had snuck away during a party to fool around. They hadn’t seen each other since, but Laura still liked to drunk text him smutty messages once in a while.

“No, I don’t think so – he’s supposed to be running a tour in Europe somewhere for the next month.  Besides,” Marny added, “I don’t know if he’d still be interested in fooling around with you, now that you have this new… addition,” she finished, poking at Laura’s cock-head through her capris for emphasis.

“You guys always think the worst of me,” Laura pouted, “maybe I just enjoy his company, sheesh!  Besides, he mixes a great sex on the beach,” Laura finished, with a wink.  Marny and I laughed.

The semester has been just about over when I discovered that crazy purple potion that made my clit grow about a bajillion times it’s size – converting it into a strange pseudo-penis.  I hadn’t expected that by having sex with Laura she would also be affected and grow a girl-penis too.  Weirdly, even though we both had had sex with Marny, she hadn’t been affected.  We still didn’t know if she was immune or if Laura and I had canceled each other out, but we also hadn’t had much time to think about it.  With the semester ending there was a lot of work to do, and barely enough time to fuck each other silly AND concentrate on passing all our courses.

But we had managed it, with only a couple of all-nighters necessary to satisfy our newly out-of-control sex drives.  Even though Marny hadn’t grown a penis of her own, I think she was kind of addicted to feeling both Laura and I inside her at the same time.

Luckily, I also hadn’t had to worry about dealing with my boyfriend’s reaction to my new penis yet either.  He was even busier with school then I was, and right after exams he took a summer job across the country.  He was planning to visit me later in the summer, so I had until then to try to figure out a solution.

In the meantime, with exams over, Marny suggested that we take a trip to the beach.  The weather was getting hot and her cousin’s more secluded beach house would give Laura and I a chance to sunbathe without freaking out other bathers when they saw us on the beach – looking perfectly normal and feminine, until you saw the front of our bikini bottoms.  If Laura or I got a hard-on, it wouldn’t even stay in our bikini-bottoms!  Which is why I was nervous about there being other people on the beach.

Heck, I was worried about the other people on this really packed bus, like the girl who had just squeezed in front of me on the bus,  her ass was practically cupping my currently-but-not-for-long soft girl-cock.  As the bus bounced along the last stretch of the bumpy winding road, I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to think about something, anything else.

It didn’t help, as the bus bumped along, the other girl’s body kept rubbing on mine and my cock started to get harder and harder.  Once it was semi-hard I was pretty darn sure she would feel it and I started to panic.  I expected her to move away, to turn around and give me a confused and/or disgusted look.  I don’t know if she thought I was a guy and was flattered instead of weirded out, but she didn’t move away.  She stayed there, with her ass pressed against my crotch as my cock got harder and harder.

The bus was so packed that she couldn’t turn around to check me out, but she must have been feeling horny, because she just went with what was happening to my body – instead of pulling away, she started grinding her hips slowly against my now fully-erect cock.  I was getting really turned on now.  I could even feel my nipples getting hard in my bra.

Christ, she could feel my hard dick, but hadn’t noticed that she was almost pressed against my boobs too?  I was just about to curse my small-ish B cups, when the girl started grinding harder against my cock, making me gasp and totally forget what I had been thinking about.

I looked over at Marny and Laura, trying to signal them with my eyes to alert them to what was going on.  Marny was too busy looking out the window, but I caught Laura’s eye.  She took in the frantic look on my face, with the girl grinding her hips on mine, and gave me a smirking thumbs up – not the reaction I was hoping for.  I suppose I could have rescued myself, pulled away and tried to scoot to stand in a different spot, but now my cock was so hard that it would be really noticeable to other people on the crowded bus.  Besides, this was all feeling really good and my thinking was starting to get hazy with lust.

The girl must have been feeling the same way, because she stopped grinding and reached behind her back to feel my cock.  I held my breath.  But she didn’t seem to notice the lacy material of the tank top I was wearing, and didn’t reach down far enough to notice that I was wearing a skirt.  Instead, she went straight for where my cock was eagerly peeping out of the waistband of my skirt.

Unbelievably, once she found it, I head her giggle as she gave it a squeeze that made my knees go weak. Thank goodness there were so many other bodies holding me up.   “No wait,” I though, “other bodies mean someone is going to notice!“  I started to freak out and looked at Laura again; her eyes were locked on the strange girl and I, and I could see her trying to subtly jerk herself off through the material of her capris.  I caught her eye and she gave me a sort of glazed over grin and mouthed something like: “I’m so jealous”.

I snapped back to my own reality, the girl was saying something quietly, for my ears only.  It was hard to hear her over the rumble of the bus and the talk of the other passengers, but I think it was “damn, you’re thick”.  Which would make sense, because the next thing she did was put her backpack on the ground to free up her other hand to reach back – so she could jerk me off with both hands.

I prayed that she wouldn’t try to play with my balls.  If she discovered that I have a pussy instead of balls, she might find that kind of shocking, especially if she thought she was giving a handjob to a random stranger on the bus; one who was your average guy and not a very VERY no-longer-average girl.  Man, who even gives handjobs to strangers anyway?!

I was having trouble thinking much about anything at that point: the sensation of her hands sliding up and down my cock, using the pre-cum pouring out as lubrication, was slowing taking over my entire brain.  I was getting so close to cumming, but I needed just a little bit more to push me over the edge, so I snuck my free hand across my thigh, and slipped my fingers into my own soaking wet pussy.  That hit the spot – so to speak – and I groaned out loud, sensing my impending orgasm.

Suddenly, she noticed my hand and grabbed my wrist. I panicked, thinking she was about to discover that she hadn’t been jerking off a guy, but instead some crazy chick with a mystical dick.  She pulled my hand forward and I decided to concentrate on her other hand – which was still jerking me off – so that at least I could hopefully orgasm before the jig was up.

Her continuing to jerk me off should have tipped me off – unbelievably she was pushing my hand down the waistband of her own shorts, practically forcing me to bury my fingers knuckle deep in HER sopping wet pussy.

Then I understood, she wanted to get off too!  Well, I could get behind that concept, and I started to finger her aggressively, the way I like to finger myself – not caring that I was bumping my hand into some other passenger in the process. Frantically the girl and I used our hands on each other – each of us working hard to get off someone we’d never met or even seen face to face!

Before I could even fully process that thought, I was cumming. Hard.  Unconsciously, I pressed the tip of my cock towards her back – accidentally letting pretty much my full load spill down the back of her shirt.  At the same time, she pressed back towards me, her pussy convulsing around my fingers as she came too.

We each retracted our hands and I quickly stuffed my shrinking cock back into my panties – just in time, because at that moment the bus came to a stop.  There was sudden confusion as the doors opened and people started to move towards the two exits.

The strange girl turned around, I smiled at her – she had just given me a darn good handjob, after all, and I was feeling friendly.  She gave me a confused look and started looking around.  I copied her, also confused – what was she looking for?

“Excuse me, but did you see where the man who was standing behind me went?”

I almost laughed out loud – she really had though she had been jerking off a guy!  And now I guess she thought he had slipped away in the confusion when the bus stopped.

Thinking quickly, I pointed to a guy in a blue shirt who was just getting off the bus ahead of us, he’d  helped me get my heavy bags into the overhead luggage compartment – he seemed nice enough.

“Thanks,” said the strange girl and she took off after him.


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