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Diary of a Futa (part 3)

Since you have all been so good, I’ve decided to post another chapter from Diary of a Futa! Enjoy!
[New to the series? Check out Part 1 and Part 2 first!]

Neuropsychological test results are not often specific to CNS impairment and can instead reflect….

Okay, just a few more minutes and class will be done, I thought to myself .

I couldn’t believe that I had made it through lecture without incident. I was working really hard (if you’ll forgive the pun), trying to focus on taking notes and not letting myself get distracted by my cock. It really didn’t help that I couldn’t stop checking out my best friend Laura.

I don’t know if it was something to do with the not-so-little addition between my thighs, but I was finding her knee touching mine and the view of her cleavage over her shoulder particularly distracting today. I had to keep pinching my arm, to help keep me from getting hard.

We’d been friends for a long time and, sure we’d fooled around a little together in the past, but always with plenty of alcoholic lubrication – it’s not like we had a romantic history or whatever, we’ve just been best friends for a long time.

I tore my thoughts away from our past drunken experimentations just in time to make a note of the assignment due for class next week. Lecture was finally over and I was ready to rush home and hopefully get some work done – after, of course, making sure that my new cock was satisfied enough to let me concentrate in peace.

I gathered together my notes and pens and dropped them into my backpack, pinching myself a few more times to make sure that my cock would stay tucked tightly into my panties until I could get it home. I was really starting to understand men’s complaints about inappropriate erections – it is much easier not having to think about your genitalia announcing your state of arousal to the world.

“Hey, you’re done for the day now, right?” asked Laura

“Yup, I think I’m going to go home and get started on this assignment” after wanking myself into my oblivion – I added silently in my head.

“Well, why we don’t we grab a private study room at the library and work on this together? You’re more familiar with the testing protocols and I know more about the disorders – so we can help each other.”

Her idea did make sense and I honestly couldn’t think of a reason not to agree – though perhaps that was because I was distracted by her lips and couldn’t help wondering how they might feel wrapped around my cock. I had tried sucking myself earlier, just to see what it felt like, but hadn’t been able to get more than a few inches into my own mouth. I had remembered during lecture how Laura used to brag about being able to deep-throat and I had become a little obsessed with wondering what that would feel like.

I felt my cock twitch a little in my panties – ugh shake it off, I told myself.

The library was crowded, so we ended up being assigned to a study room on the 6th floor. There were only two study rooms on that floor and the microfiche stacks between them, so it was the most deserted and quietest floor of the library.

We closed the door behind us, sat down opposite each other, and spread out our notes and text books on the table between us. We worked well on our assignment for about an hour; I tried not to stare down her top (too much) and we got quite a lot done.

Then Laura had a question about a diagram. She got up to lean over my shoulder and point out the particular part that she didn’t understand. My head felt thick and hot; all morning I had been battling my heightened state of arousal and now, with Laura pressing her breasts against my shoulders, I was starting to really lose it.

First, I felt my face flush as I started to explain the diagram to her. Then, I felt my nipples harden and rub gently against my bra as I shifted to grab a pencil to draw an arrow on the diagram. I felt my labia swell and begin to ache and I tried, I really did try, to ignore feeling the rush of blood flowing into my cock, making it swell and inflate. As if ignoring this would have prevented what happened next.

“What’s that?” Laura had glanced down and spotted a bulge under my skirt as I wrapped up my explanation.

My mind wouldn’t work fast enough to come up with an explanation – “whats, what?” I asked stupidly.

“That,” she poked the bulge and I groaned inwardly. I could see a tiny spot on pre-cum that had soaked through my skirt where she had poked the head of my cock.

“Okay seriously, what is …” she broke off as she twitched back my skirt and saw my cock, now fully erect and sticking right out of my panties.

“What The Fuck!” she shouted, backing away, “is that real?!”

“Yes, I’m pretty sure it’s real,” I replied miserably.

“Well where the heck did it come from, I happen to know for a fact that you haven’t always had a dick in your pants.”

“It was that purple stuff we got in China Town on the weekend!” I blurted out the whole story about how I had wanted to try it out, but had used to much and had woken up with a huge cock sprouting above my pussy.

Laura was curious, “so, can I touch it?”


“C’mon, please?” She couldn’t take her eyes off of it and my cock pulsed eagerly.

“Oh alright, but be careful.”

Laura giggled and leaned over next to my chair. She reached out and ran her fingers lightly down the shaft, I moaned softly and she giggled as my cock visibly throbbed. “Wow, it’s pretty sensitive – that’s really hot.”

She reached out again and this time gripped my cock harder as she slid her hand down it – but she didn’t stop there, when she reached the base of my shaft she opened her hand and slid her fingers into my panties and over my dripping wet pussy.


“Oops, sorry – force of habit. It’s kinda weird how there aren’t any balls.”

“I hadn’t really thought about it”

Laura’s fingers were now coated in my juices; my pussy was just was wet as my cock was hard. She thoughtfully licked my juices off her fingers and then swooped down to lick off the slowly growing bead of pre-cum forming on the head of my cock.

“Hey, they taste the same! That’s crazy!” she exclaimed. “Did you try… you know… jerking off yet?”

“Yes,” I blushed, thinking of the cum soaked sheets in my laundry hamper.

She giggled, “That’s hot. So does your cum taste the same as your pussy too?”

“I don’t know – I forgot to check.”

“Well, I guess you were busy with other things,” she giggled again. Suddenly, she swooped down and took the head of my cock in her mouth – it was hot and wet in there and made my cock feel like it wanted to explode!

“Wait, what are you doing?!” I protested weakly.

She audibly popped my cock out of her mouth, “trying to find out silly. I want to know, so just sit back and relax.”

Check out the next chapter!

21 comments to Diary of a Futa (part 3)

  • abzman2000

    so hot, you are the greatest

  • Anonymous

    I believe, if I was grammarsexual I’d be turned off by “beleive” or maybe it’d turn me on if I was a masochist too.

  • Shay

    abz – thanks! ^_^

    Anon – pshh that’s all you have to say? a comment about a typo?!

  • Bob

    Fantastic stuff. Really hot. I would of liked more but I guess that is the point with anything broken up into episodes.

    I would just like to say as well, as the owner of a cock, pinching myself wouldn’t stop me from getting hard. I always think about interior decorating when I need to lose my erection which is a bit odd, anything that works though right?

  • horny guy

    thats was very hot… too bad you had to stop right there.. such a tease.. lol

  • Gadfly

    You know, I think you would like the novel:


    It’s about a doubly functional hermaphrodite in the early 5th Century during the fall of classic Rome and the rise of the Roman Gauls.

    Due to a confluence of fortune, she/he becomes both a female and male character, working behind the scenes. But because of pains inflicted on a brilliant child, she/he becomes a rake and sorceress at times, acting without conscience to bring about desired ends. It’s quite complex.

    Just a thought ;-)

  • Katie

    WOW that was so hot. What a place to stop!! please write more soon!

  • Anonymous

    Totally awesome! Please please give us the next chapter soon!

  • sweatshopsissy

    i can’t wait for the next chapter. yummy.
    btw when i need to lose an erection i think about my mother-in-law.

  • Anonymous

    Oh wow, I’m as hard as the poor futa girl in the story after reading that. Wish I had someone to help me out with that like she does. T^T

    Ah well, the trusty right hand will keep me company.

    Great writing. Very sexy, as verified by my aforementioned erection.

  • aj

    That was definitely hot. If I, were a grammarsexual, I would have cum just from reading that. But I’m not, so it took me a few minutes to, “stimulate” myself. Thanks shay :)
    I also thought it’d be cool if I introduced myself now, I’ve been reading your blog for a long time now and I just love it! It’s sexy, cute, and very sexually informative. Just wanted to let you know that you just got another die hard fan :)

  • Dan

    Damn that was hot! Hope there’s more. Futa does indeed rule

  • Shay

    Bob – haha I also brake off early so that my posts aren’t too long – I don’t want to bore you guys with super long posts! ^_^

    HG – haha that’s how I roll

    Gad – hmm sounds interesting, though not related to this story at all! haha

    Katie – glad you liked it, I’ll try to get on writing the next chapter ASAP. ^_^

    Anon1 – hehe see above

    SSS – your mother-in-law?! haha wouldn’t it be terrible if that ended up conditioning you to be aroused when you see her?

    Anon2 – excellent, thanks! ^_^

    aj – Haha thanks AJ, it’s wonderful to hear that!

    Dan – I’m sure there will be more ^_~

  • Gadfly


    Define the difference between a girl who suddenly woke up with a penis and a girl who suddenly woke up as a doubly-functional hermaphrodite.

    It’s not “unrelated”, it’s “a tangent”.


  • ABigFan


    Seriously, that was so hot.
    I’ll be waiting for chapter 4 :D

  • Mr. mister

    wow shay you know how to turn a person on, that was one hot story, and of course I enjoyed the previous parts as well, I hope the next one comes out soon.

  • halloween59

    im a girl & this story was so hot, i ALMOST wanted 2 rub against my pillow LOL can’t wait 4 chapter 4, more pictures 2, helps get an idea of wats going on =)

  • Anonymous


    *feels guilty……but doesn’t care*

    *more moaning*

  • Anonymous

    holy shit- this is like blue balls reading this!! so sexy, builds up, so hot, raging hard-on, OMG it’s really getting good now, aaaaaaand, STOP!

    You’re such a tease, Shay. I has to go cum now. byes!

  • Ah Laura. Every futa story needs a frisky friend with huge tits!

    It’s great how she has to try so hard to keep her boner under control. Usually it’s impossible for me.

    Library action is HAWT. Pre-cum from under a skirt is awesome.

  • Elizabeth

    I had to go back and read it again – and the comments this time. I came twice more. Some guy says he thinks about his mother in law. That does not work for me I’m bi, and my mother in law is only ten years older than I am, and is a hottie. She has a cute ass and little tits. I just want to lick her all over. OMG my clit is throbbing AGAIN! I have to stop this.

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