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Diary of a Futa (part 1)

It all started when I was hanging out with my friend Laura the other day, we were talking about how things were going with my new boyfriend.
“.. and how’s the sex been?” (did I mention that Laura is so dirty?)
“It’s been… okay.”
“just okay?”
“I mean, it feels really good and it’s a lot of fun but… well, I haven’t really been able cum while we do it. So far I’ve been faking, which isn’t as good, obviously.”

“I know just what you need,” said Laura and she dragged me out the door, talking about some miracle cure she’d heard about when she was getting her nails done at her Aunt’s salon.

We made our way to old China Town and began wandering down the dark and twisty alleys, passing mysterious looking shops with strange displays in the windows. Finally we found the place Laura was looking for, a funny smelling shop run by an old herbalist who looked about a hundred years old.

After much use of embarrassing hand gestures and some broken English, we left with a small vial that was “100% guaranteed” to make my clit more sensitive during sex and a cryptic warning to use only one drop each day.

Later that night, after my roommate had gone to bed, I got out the small bottle of purplish fluid. Just thinking about trying out the potion was making me excited; I kept wondering what it was going to feel like on my clit. I got myself so worked up that I decided that it would be a good idea to test it out on myself that night – just to see what it would do.

I slipped off my panties, carefully tried to aim the little bottle in the light of my lamp, and dripped two very small drops of fluid onto my clit. The second drop was an accident, but I didn’t think it would really matter; I could spare the extra drop, there was plenty of fluid left.

I lay still for a moment, trying to see if I could feel anything different… slowly my clit started to feel warm and tingly, like it was filling with blood. I started to massage it with my finger tips and it felt amazing! Exquisitely more sensitive than I thought possible!

I came quickly, more quickly than I’d wanted to – everything just felt so good! So I decided to work myself towards a second orgasm, teasing myself with my fingers as I went through a more elaborate fantasy in my imagination.

In the heat of the moment I decided to add a little more of the purpley potion, just to see if I could get myself to come even harder. But this time I was too excited to be as careful with the bottle and I spilled the fluid onto my clit. I felt my clit get hot and swell again; I wasn’t sure if it was my imagination, but it felt like my clit was actually getting bigger!

After that it didn’t take long for me to reach an absolutely mind blowing climax – it was so intense that I fell asleep right after, without cleaning up or anything.

When I woke up, I thought to myself “wow! that potion must be really good! Even after last night my clit still feels swollen and excited!”

Since my first class of the day wasn’t for another few hours and my clit still felt deliciously aroused, I decided to spoil myself by masturbating yet again.
I slid a hand between my thighs and nearly leaped out of bed with surprise!
I threw back the covers and stared between my legs.

There, right where my cute little clit was supposed to be, was a big throbbing cock!
I looked around, surely this had to be a trick, maybe this was some kind of weird reality tv prank?
I carefully ran a finger down the shaft of the penis and couldn’t help shuddering with pleasure – it definitely was attached to me, just running my finger down it felt incredible!

I tried gripping the shaft, that felt really really good too – it was firm and velvety – the penis… my penis felt amazing to grab onto. I started exploring my addition a little more; running my palm up and down my new penis and then further down, to find my pussy still there, dripping wet with excitement. I noticed that my tip of my penis was starting to drip too and I wondered if my pre-cum would taste like my boyfriend’s.

I leaned down and licked the tip, my pre-cum was salty sweet and I slurped it all up. Between my excited pussy and this new, and very excited cock, I wasn’t sure where to put my hands! I dipped my fingers into my soaking pussy and used my own juices to start jerking myself off.

I came suddenly, my new penis’ cum splashing onto my surprised face…

Read the next chapter!

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21 comments to Diary of a Futa (part 1)

  • Cayman J

    WOW!!! Now that’s some purple liquid. I should get some of that but i’ll remember to only use one drop.

  • Beth

    WOW!!!! is right, I have to go run off now and find my vibe. Thank you!!!!!!

  • ArtfulDodger

    Unexpected surprise here today Shay! I didn’t see that one cuming… oh, did I say that? :)

  • AlwaysArousedGirl

    And you said you didn’t write erotica!

    Nice job, baby.

    Now where’s the link to an online seller of that purple potion?


  • Gadfly


    The idea that women might want to own Peter North’s big dick and massive cum-spewing glandular organs … I find a touch disturbing.


  • Shay

    CayJ – sorry, but it’s only for girls. sheesh!

    Beth – haha you’re welcome

    Art – ^_~ You’re the master of puns! glad I can still catch you by surprise most days.

    AAG – thanks sweet cheeks! I’ll get right to work, searching ebay for that purple potion. ^_~

    Gad – tsk! bad boy! you weren’t paying attention.. go back and read it again (AND make sure you click that link at the bottom to the rest of a futa stuff too).

  • Darryn

    keep up the good work shay. short time reader first time poster. ill try to to even it up a little. did you write it yourself? i would be very intruiged if you would be interested in doing some more. not only is it something i rather like, it is very well written, full of suspense, and many other things a good stroy should have. once again, well done!

  • Gadfly

    I meant disturbing in an amusing way. More of a shaking head and laughing while saying “that’s just wrong” sort of thing. *chuckle*

    You know, there is a growing debate among behavioral psychologists as to whether or not the average woman has a sexual “orientation” or just a “preference”. Because data gathered from people with wired up genitalia who cannot lie about being sexually aroused, have been shown straight and gay porn. And, by and large, men who identify as straight are not aroused by watching homosexual intercourse. However, women (by and large) are stimulated just because people are fucking. It does not matter the sex of the fucker and fuckee. Obviously there is individual variation, but on the average.

    I was curious as to your take on this.

  • Shay

    Darryn – of course I wrote this, silly ^_~ I didn’t credit anyone else, did I? haha I’m very glad to hear that you enjoyed it so much. I used to write a lot of short stories (I’ve even won awards) but I don’t do it very often on my blog. Maybe I should ^_~

    Gad – I’ve heard about that study, but I’d have to actually read the paper before I comment on it. ^_^

  • Dirty Filthy Princess

    This was so cute and funny! Loved it!

  • exile

    the moral of the story… don’t play with loaded weapons

  • ramble on!

    i love futanari because of you… but i can’t find any…

  • Shay

    DFP – thanks! I’m happy you enjoyed it ^_^

    Exile – haha sure

    Ramble – aww It can be tough to find, but it’s out there. Don’t worry, I have lots more to post for you here.

  • kraut

    i love this story and evry thing you have dun plz ceep up the geat work

    do you have a myspace

  • OverlordMMM

    ….I don’t suppose there is a potion which can give a guy a vagina too?….

  • Anonymous

    mmm i got a question most of the pictures of futas that i’ve seen are lesbians . thats why?

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  • I really got to find this little herbal shop!

    I love how it ended with a surprise self-cumshot. I’ve seen that in a few manga and it’s always been awesome. It has an interesting effect of separating the person and the penis.

  • kudos.
    i’ve never heard of “futa” before
    me likes…
    bout to have some fun with myself tonite ;)

  • [...] G being a bit busy with work, sent me a link to a good futanari fiction by Shay, called the Diary of a Futa. She runs a blog at The S Spot, and is a talented writer, I definitely recommend checking it out if [...]

  • Futalover

    Wow, imagine if a guy took that ;)

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