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How Many *Captions* Did you Say You Had?

Since you all seem to be chatty lately
This looks like a good time to play another round of everyone’s favourite blog game:
Show and Tell!

Last time the picture was pretty tricky, but you guys still managed to come up with come great captions, here were a couple of my faves:

kira thought it was odd that they were removing her panties. but seeing as though she had never made a oatmeal before, she didn’t want to feel embarrassed by asking

Dramatic Narrator: ‘Little did young Suki know, that at that very moment Lee’s stretchy-limbs powers had kicked in, and her fear of anal-penetration would soon come to an end…‘ “

for those of you new to this little game, here is how it works:

First I SHOW you the picture:(click to enlarge)
and then you TELL me what you think the character(s) are thinking and/or saying.

Ready? Go!

24 comments to How Many *Captions* Did you Say You Had?

  • Anonymous

    Gee, these father-daughter activity days at school are really getting weirder and weirder

  • Cayman J


  • Boombox2003

    Alice wondered if all schools had wheelbarrow races like this.

  • kinghimself

    We who are about to fuck, salute you!

  • Gadfly

    Armies trembled at the mere mention of the Armored Bitch Cavalry

  • Jim

    Like her older sisters and her mother before her, Lay-laah took the annual 4th of July Fuck-barrow Races very seriously. The track looked fast . . . her arms were tense, but she felt like she could go for miles . . . her partner filled her perfectly, and was well-positioned . . . she gripped him tightly (Coach Amanda had been right about those extra Kiegel exercises) . . . this is where it would all pay off.


  • Spartan

    Narrator: “a thousand nations of the persian empire descend uppon you… our arrows will blackout the sun…”

    Red headed girl: “then… we will fuck in the shade…”

  • ArtfulDodger

    On your marks! Get set!! FUCK!!!


    Kira had prepared, trained, and honed her fuckbarrow skills to a fine edge for this tournament. It wasn’t the competitors that frightened her, it was the new addition of the KY Jelly Mile Swim at the end of the race, that had her worried.


    Kira thought, “Did I remember to take my Valtrex this morning?”


    Kira thought, “Damn! Eunuch’s again!!”

  • Anonymous

    The “surge” seemed to be going very well for the troops

  • Ang

    The psychological strategy was highly successful. While the female warriors occupied the invaders, the rest of the army was to sneak around and penetrate them from the rear…

  • magi

    Damnit!!! Why do I always get stuck with the fat guy who needs an arrow to point him in the right directer.

  • Strumpet

    You are here.

  • Gadfly

    “Restless with the smell of battle in the air, my mount Keegled me to the point of pain, requiring a sharp slap with the crop to bring her back in line. The man to my right chuckled sardonically, and I returned his grin. Today, is a good day to fuck.”

  • TJ

    In the final moments before the starting gun was fired, Kimiko reflected that, in hindsight, perhaps everyone may have acted a tad bit hasty in overuling Yun-Li’s alternative suggestion for a potato sack race…

  • SeaRabbit

    Don’t want a short dick man….

  • DZER

    well … it’s better than the sac race at last year’s company picnic!

  • Jim

    “Crap . . . did I turn off the coffee maker?”


  • Night-Goddess

    Blue Haired girl: “I still think the school needs to invest some money for better shields.”

    Pink Haired girl: I hope these guys are watching where they point their weapons.

  • Koraytheknight

    Nice tj, haha.

    Now mine:

    Pink haired chick- It was either this or watch 300. I stand by my choice.

  • Darryn

    sorry, but i have to say this. just on what cayman j said at the top.

    ([based on] a scene from 300)
    Leonidas – “you, what is your proffession?”
    the fat guy in the middle – “baker”
    Leonidas – “and you, what is your proffession?”
    some toher guy – “butcher”
    300 spartans orgasm at once and all that we hear is a loud ROAR…

    nb: the fat guy in the middle has an arrow pointing to his parts…

  • Anonymous

    So, this is what happens to the color kids in Rainbowland when Rainbow Brite isn’t able to fend of Murky and Lurky

  • Aya-chan

    Pink-haired girl: I hope that he doesn’t cum so much. I’ll slide off for sure and then we’ll lose…

  • Gadfly

    And there’s always Jethro Tull’s “Heavy Henai”

    Standing like tanks on the brow of the hill
    Up into the cold wind facing
    In stiff battle harness, chained to the world
    Against the low sun racing
    Bring me a wheel of oaken wood
    A rein of polished leather
    A heavy hentai and a tumbling sky
    Brewing heavy weather.

    Heavy hentai! Move the land under me!

  • Anonymous

    (Blue haired girl): “shit, i think I got some cum in my eye from the last round.”

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