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Toy Review – the Wonder Egg

image_0077-14-3Surprisingly, I have a bunch of bullet vibes in my toy collection, but the One Touch Wonder Egg from my friends at Cal Exotics might be my first egg (at the very least it’s the first egg I’ve seen in a while)!

The Wonder Egg is pretty big, but still fits in my fist, it’s made of plastic with that Velvet Cote stuff on top to make it feel silky.  The control switch is at the end of the cord attached to the Egg, and it’s a pretty simple control scheme: click once to turn it on, click again to switch to the pulse program, click once more for the escalation program, click again to cycle through the programs, and hold the button down to turn it off.

When it’s on, the Egg lights up red near the base – I guess that’s in case you lose it under the covers in the dark.  Oh, it’s also waterproof, so you could potentially lose it in the tub in the dark…. haha

What I liked: I actually liked the control scheme for this toy, the button you click is pretty satisfying to press (and not just because it turns the toy on ^_~), I like that it’s at the end of a cord too because that allows for all kinds of fun (like letting someone else control your egg while you use it).  The strength of the vibration was pretty good, and the whole design is comfortable to hold and use.

What I didn’t like: it’s not as loud as some of my other toys, but it’s also not the quietest toy in my drawer.

This would be great for: couples looking for a toy that one person can control from a (very) short distance away.

Not bad, The One Touch Wonder Egg gets a 6 out of 10:6of10

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