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Toy Review – The Sqweel

I hate keeping secrets, but I can do it when I have to – like when my friends at LoveHoney sent me one of their brand new, top secret toys and made me PROMISE not to tell anyone about it until after its release!  Once I opened the package, I could tell why they were keeping everyone in suspense about this toy: the Sqweel is REALLY unique.

Actually, it kinda reminded me of this tongue machine, but on a much more reasonable scale;  you can keep it in your bedside drawer in your own home and use it whenever you want, without worrying about your power tools.   The Sqweel is a wheel of super soft silicone tongues that rotate at three different speeds (3 AAA batteries are included).  The idea is that this toy is supposed to simulate tongue lapping oral sex.

I wasn’t sure what this toy would be like, I imagined the tongues feeling rough or stiff, so I tested it on my neck first.  From the first touch I was impressed: those silicone tongues are so soft, they couldn’t hurt you unless someone chucked the whole toy at your head.  My fears assuaged, it was time to move on to the main review:

What I liked: I know I just said it, but it’s worth saying again – those tongues are super soft, and that really impressed me.  Even on the highest setting, they didn’t rough me up; as they rotate, they just sort of gently slap your clit (or wherever you’re using it). Plus the whole thing is really easy to grip and the controls are convenient to get at. It’s pretty quiet and discrete looking too when it’s closed, which makes it a decent stealth toy.

What I didn’t like: Although this toy certainly is different, I just didn’t find that the stimulation is provides felt like oral sex, though adding a squirt of lube definitely brings it a little closer (in fact, it comes with a tube of free lube until the end of Oct).  It also doesn’t work as well if you try to use it between your labia without spreading them first – it won’t rotate as well if there is too much pressure on the tongues.

This toy would be great for: anyone looking to try something totally different.  This could also be a fun toy to play with together, you can take turns using it all over each other.  Plus, with LoveHoney’s 360 Degree Guarantee (an orgasm or your money back)  it’s definitely worth a try.

The Sqweel provides a totally different sensation than any of my other toys, it gets a 7 out of 10:7of10

3 comments to Toy Review – The Sqweel

  • Mabel

    I think it’d get more use as an egg beater at my house, than a sex toy. c.c

    What I’m thankful for, though? Finally being able to speak freely about sex, masturbation, and love – and having the means to do it!
    Thanks Shay!
    …I’m also thankful for chocolate.

  • “It also doesn’t work as well if you try to use it between your labia without spreading them first.”

    I cannot thank you enough for this sentence. I was beginning to think I was crazy or had super large labia I didn’t know about.

  • j-

    Heh, instead of “assuaged” I read “sausaged”.. seems like Cocktoberfest is working :-)

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