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Toy Review – Better Than Chocolate

better than chocolate vibeNow, when a toy claims to be better than chocolate I can’t help but perk up my ears (or in the internets’ case, my eyes?) – and I’m not even really that much of a chocolate addict!  Nomi Tang seemed pretty confident about their BTC vibe, so I just had to check it out – courtesy of my friends at Babeland.

The feel of the toy is pretty unique, it’s covered in a skin-safe elastomer that feels soft, but textured (it’s kinda hard to explain).  The shape is also relatively unique; it’s curvy in all the right places so that it’s easy to hold and contours to a body nicely.  And to chalk up another feature under the “unique” column – the controls are pretty cool too.

The BTC vibe has one power button and the rest of the controls are part of a touch sensitive slide device.  The instructions say that you can slide your finger along it to increase the intensity of the vibration and/or speed up the pulse pattern.  To change the setting (pulse or steady) you hold your finger for two seconds on one end of the slider (the part closest to your hand).  When you find a patern/intensity that works for you, you hold your finger on on the other end of the slider and that will lock the program in. The slider lights up blue normally and changes to red when the program is locked so you can tell what’s going on, even in the dark. The BTC vibe is also submersible (to 1 meter underwater); but enough about it’s features, let’s get on with the review!

What I liked: We all know I’m a sucker for a good pulse pattern and I loved that this one was relatively customizable, since I could adjust the speed to whatever I wanted using the slider. I found that the intensity of the vibration was good enough for me too.  I was pleased to find that this toy is fairly quiet (since I have a flatmate now), though if you share a room with your roommate, I might be a little more difficult to sneak using this toy – it’s quieter, but not silent.  I also liked the texture and shape of this toy, as I mentioned above, I found that it felt nice and was very comfortable to hold – the texture also makes it less slippery if your hands are wet with water or lube (or whatever).  The slider technology was pretty cool and super easy to use – which is nice when you’re busy with “other things” and don’t want to deal with tricky controls.

What I didn’t like: At first I thought that the slider didn’t work, because I was using it on the steady vibration setting and couldn’t perceive a change in the intensity – for me I found that the slider mainly only worked for speeding up or slowing down the pulse settings.  No big deal, but it did say in the instructions that I could use it to change the intensity and didn’t specify that this was only for the pulse settings.

This toy would be great for: anyone looking for a neat vibe for external use (it does have a narrow tip that you could insert, but not more than an inch or two).  It’s a pretty unique toy and would be worth your time if you’re thinking of upgrading from a more simple toy – like the pocket rocket.

The Better Than Chocolate Vibe gets a sweet 9.5 out of 10 from me:95of10

3 comments to Toy Review – Better Than Chocolate

  • Dear Shay,

    Many thanks for your detailed review on ‘better than chocolate’. I am flattered to receive such a good rating and appreciate your honest feedback on the touch slider.

    Since “BTC” is my first toy, there was still some room for improvements. All the minor imperfections could be revised in the meantime and the second generation of ‘better than chocolate’ is alredy available on the market.

    Right now my team and I are developing a new range of vibes that will be available early next year. I would be grateful if I could send you my new products for your review as well.

    Please find me on facebook to stay updated!


  • Hello Shay,
    Regarding the touchpad – please note that on the steady mode you have to slide your finger three times across the full length of the touchpad to go from the slowest speed to the fastest speed. We chose this configuration in order to allow for very fine changes in speed.
    Please let me know if this helps!
    Best regards,

  • Shay

    Oh! That makes sense – thanks! :)

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