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Passing Vag Clamp

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I am 19 years old, and am currently involved in a relationship. He is also 19 and we’ve only been having sex for about a year, prior to which we were both virgins. The thing is we had wanted to have sex sooner, and had been trying for about a year and a half before it actually happened, but every time we attempted intercourse My vagina just plain and simple was not very accepting of his member. It absolutely! It was almost like my bajingo* would just brick it self shut the minute it even sensed penetration!

We took it slow and sometimes we would make more progress than others, and we had started to think I maybe had vaginismus or something, and stopped trying. Until one day, a few months later, we gave it another go and it worked and it was wonderful and blah blah all great things a first time usually entails. Obviously, it’s not very relevant anymore but to this day I’ve always wondered what was going on there, after suddenly it just worked I sort of just eliminated vaginismus as an option.

Wow! That is an unusual phenomenon – I mean it’s not common, but not so unusual that I haven’t heard of that happening before. Sometimes no matter how slow you take things, some part of you is still nervous about having sex and that part seems to get control of the muscles in your vag and clamp it shut. For some women is can become a serious problem (like vaginismus), but for others (like yourself) it passes in time as you become more fully relaxed and comfortable with the idea of having sex. It may have been that your body just needed a little extra time to warm up to sex, even if you mentally felt ready yourself.

Anyway, I’m really happy to hear that things did work out after-all!  9ad0946cdcf48be1f8805cae2a987735

*please take a moment to process this term, I did…. “ba-jin-go”…. wow, that’s a new one to me.

3 comments to Passing Vag Clamp

  • Julien

    My first love / first time had a similar problem – when we’d inch past her comfort level, the sexiness part of her brain would turn off, and nothing would feel good or sexy to her anymore, even though mentally she was still turned on. It started early, when we began to get more naked with each other, and it took about six months for us to move to the point where we were comfortable enough for sex.

    P.S.: Wikipedia tells me that ‘bajingo’ was recently used on scrubs, along with ‘peepers’ for you can guess what.

  • The same story here, Our first time too.
    We try for two months or so without success and then… Bingo.


  • KD

    Bajingo is one of the terms often used by Elliot on Scrubs to describe her nether regions. She’s a doctor who can’t say “dirty” words. Go figure.

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