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Ball Waxing

I like to keep myself as well shaven as I possibly can down in my pleasure region and I have never gotten any complaints on my lack of pubic hair. 1) How do most women feel about it, do they like shaved men, do they hate it, etc? 2) How the hell do porn guys get so smooth? I mean I’ve tried but I’m not about to take a razor to my nuts, dangerous stuff.

Well, I’ve actually done a post asking readers for their thoughts on shaved man pubes, you can check it out HERE. [Of course, you guys are more than welcome to voice your opionion in the comment section below as well!]

As for your second question, I suspect that porn guys get that smooth by waxing. Obviously there’s going to be some discomfort involved in waxing one’s balls, but I guess that’s a sacrifice these guys are willing to make for their occupation. ^_~

In terms of shaving your own, I wouldn’t worry too much – as long as you’re careful (remember to pull the skin tight!) and use a fresh razor you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. I think THIS post might help you that department.


8 comments to Ball Waxing

  • The post got better w/ the image. two testies up shay!

  • Jim

    As helpful a little person as always, lol.

    No razors or hot wax near mine, thanks . . . we’ll just have to find something else to do.


  • Hi Shay,

    Just wanted to let you know – I’m going to include your blog in my top 5 in a post dedicated to “Blog Day 2009″ which I’ll post on that day – August 31.

  • Red

    I just had a post about shaving and being a little on the hairy side. There is no way I am going to wax all the hair on my body! If you don’t mind a revealing photo of myself, check it out.

  • Veronica

    My boyfriend uses tweezers and just plucks the more obtrusive ones…he says it is way less painful. You just have the moment of the plucking and the headrush that plucking usually induces. Though he’s a trickatilamania so he probably gets more out of it than most would.

  • Dee

    To all the guys who are worried about shaving your cock and balls: you needn’t be. I’ve been doing it for a long time, and it’s not as scary as you’re imagining. You just have to be careful, but honestly, today’s razors are actually kind of hard to cut yourself with. Besides, even if you do make a mistake, it’s not bad. Just try it out once, and I think you’ll find that there’s nothing to fear : )

  • Julien

    As far as shaving on the female side goes, I find that it makes the whole area somewhat rough (like stubble on a man’s chin), and for me that’s no fun. Are there any female readers that can speak to this on the male side? Do you ever find that shaving makes the man scratchy?

  • bigbomber2009

    I always shave my balls. Hmm, but that short hair after you shaved is very annoying… I usually just use an electric shaver and the finish is actually very smooth, safer than razor… Shaved every 2 days or so to keep it non-scratchy-down-there feeling..

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