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Product Review – CB Toy Cleaner

Sure some of the toys I have in my collection can be cleaned by putting them in a dishwasher, but guess what – like many people, I don’t have a dishwasher.  Which means that I usually end up cleaning my toys with soap and warm water.  While I’m sure that usually does the trick, I thought it might be good to start using something designed especially for the chemistry of my sex toys; something like the Climax Bursts Anti-bacterial Toy Cleaner that my friends at Vibe Review sent me.

Climax Bursts also makes a line of lubes (all in similar looking but different coloured bottles so that you hopefully won’t mix them up); their bursting thing comes from the little beads of vitamin E that they include in their products to condition the skin and, I guess in the case of the cleanser, the material of the toys.

The first time I tried out this cleanser I wasn’t really sure how it worked and it wasn’t really clear from the label: so I just slathered it on a toy and wiped it with a cloth.  That didn’t work out too well – it was gooey and didn’t seem much cleaner – so I added a little water and that did the trick: turns out you use it instead of using soap when you are cleaning your toys with warm water.

What I liked: the cleaner worked well, it didn’t leave any film and my toys looked shiny and new after being cleaned.  I also liked the smell – it didn’t smell disinfect-y, just fresh.

What I didn’t like: no real complaints, though I wish it had been more clear on the bottle that you need to use it with water.

This product would be great for: anyone looking to upgrade from hand-soap to a cleanser that’s probably a little better for keeping your silicone toys in good condition.

Overall CB’s Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleanser gets a 7.5 out of 10:75of10

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