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Aural Sex Contest – CLOSED

Sex is something I like to experience on a multi-sensory level when I can,
and, as we’ve discussed before, listening to the right music can really amp up the mood and get the “juices” flowing.

That’s why the lines of sex toys built to respond to music are so neat!
You can tune your orgasm to whatever song you’re hearing!
So, what does that have to do with anything?

Babeland just got the new Freestyle vibe in stock!What makes this particular toy so exciting is that it’s wireless!

You can plug the receiver into your MP3 player, turn up your favourite music, and use the vibrator without getting tangled in wires.
OR you can plug it into your stereo and hop into the shower/tub with the vibe (it’s water-friendly) – no wires, no risk of ruining your music player, just sexy times with your music AND your vibe!
Plus, the Freestyle is rechargeable.

Now what I want to know is (and this is where the contest part I mentioned comes in),
What songs do YOU think would be the sexiest to vibe to?

Type your suggestions into the comment section below and YOU could be lucky winner of your very own Freestyle Music Vibe from Babeland!

[Contest is open to Canadian and US residents 18 years old and up.  Contest ends AUGUST 31st.]

Psst – if you can’t wait to see if you win it, be sure to enter the coupon code MUSICVIBE when you buy your Freestyle and you’ll get a $10 downloadable music giftcard and a little bottle of Babelube. ^_^


52 comments to Aural Sex Contest – CLOSED

  • Savs

    I think that either Closer or Perfect Drug by Nine Inch Nails, Change by the Deftones, or several Placebo or Marilyn Manson songs would be great.

  • sterculius

    My favorites would be “the dildo song”, “do you take it in the ass” and the unforgettable “cum on Eileen”.