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Shay’s First Toy


I’ve been reviewing toys here at The S Spot for a while now, but I don’t think I’ve ever told you about my very first sex toy ever!  Thank goodness one of you thought to ask. ^_~

When I first left home to go to university, I was super excited because when I was living in the Caribbean you couldn’t order things and have them delivered to your mailbox.  So the first thing I did was get a magazine subscription.  Then I poked around online to see what I could get sent to me for free.  Then, I decided that I should be REALLY naughty and order a sex toy, for a laugh and just because I could now that I was away from home.

So I surfed around online and settled on an online shop, then I looked for the smallest and cheapest and cutest vibrator I could find.  I settled on a cheap pink pointy plastic vibe (kinda like the one above, but see-through).  Order made, I carried on with my life: going to classes, studying, having fun with new friends, trying to get along with two wacky roommates, etc.

I had almost totally forgotten that I had ordered the vibe, so when a package arrived for me I took it out into the lounge to open with my friends.  I wasn’t sure what had been delivered – that discrete packaging is confusing sometimes if you’ve forgotten what you ordered!

I didn’t realize what I was unwrapping until it was too late, a friend spotted the pink bubble wrapped shape and nabbed it out of my hands before I could finish opening it or shove it back in the box. “What did you order this for?” he asked (very loudly), holding the pink vibe high in the air.  A little embarrassed, I said that a friend had ordered it for me as a joke.  Everyone chuckled, congratulating me on having such a hilarious friend and we proceeded to pass the vibe around, giggling, jabbing each other and massaging backs with it.

When the excitement died down, I washed the vibe and stashed it away in a drawer near my bed. I’m not sure if I ever really intended on using it, but sharing a bedroom with another (kinda bitchy) girl meant that I didn’t really have much opportunity anyway.  I totally forgot about it until I was hooking up with a boy that I liked from my hall and he asked about it.  I dug the vibe out, miraculously the batteries in it were still good, and we decided to try it out.

Man, I wish that I had been following a site like mine back then – I had had NO idea what I was doing or looking for when I was picking out that vibe!  The hard plastic was BRUTAL, it didn’t feel that great when he slid it inside me because it was too hard.  Plus I couldn’t stand the feeling of the vibrations inside me either.  Also, the vibe was so cheap that when I dropped it on the floor, it got a huge crack up the side!

We did play with it for a few minutes, mostly trying to figure out what would feel good: labia was okay, clit was better, inside was weird, etc.  It wasn’t long before we gave up giggling and moved on.

Although I think I only used it that once, I still held on to that vibe for a while – for the nostalgia and silliness.  I didn’t end up throwing it away until I finished my undergrad degree.

If I had known then what I know now, I def would have ordered myself a pocket rocket instead!  That is an excellent first timer’s toy.

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  • Dan

    I, too, wish there had been site like yours when I was in high school/college and becoming sexually active. Oh, sure, you could cobble some information together (I spent lots of time on, but your site does a great service of providing frank, helpful information in an easy to browse format… plus the diary of a futa stories are a nice attraction, too ;) (hint hint)

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