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Diary of a Futa – Marny’s Journal

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Hey, lucky you! I happened to come across this random page in my notes; it’s not from the “Diary of a Futa“,  but looks like it was ripped out of some other journal… interesting, let’s have a look shall we?

[NOTE: This section won't make as much sense unless you've read chapter seven already, though you might even want to go back to chapter five or one to refresh your memory.]

It’s not like I can’t do math, but stats are like extra confusing math.  So I was really glad to be living with a roommate who was good at stats and who had friends who are good at it too.  For this particular project I was definitely going to need help understanding the regression analysis.

After checking my e-mail (facebook notifications, an e-mail from mom reminding me to call my aunt for her birthday, and spam – no I do NOT need info on making my penis bigger lulz) I went in to see if Laura would mind helping me figure out my regression analysis if I promised to bake cookies or something in payment.

At first I thought she was still napping, Laura was laying on my roomate’s bed facing the wall; but then I noticed her moving slightly, and I thought I heard her saying something softly.  I figured she was probably talking on her cell or something, so when she went quiet again I said, “Hey Laura, get up, I need your help with thi——

I never got to finish that sentence.  Laura wasn’t sleeping and hadn’t been talking on the phone, when she heard my voice she turned around quickly with a shocked look on her face and a stream of… something arced across the bed.  If I had been drinking something I would have done a spit-take, the stream was coming from her DICK!


I know

I’ve you’ve been following, you know that I’ve hung out with Laura before, in situations where it would have been impossible for her to hide a dick: we’ve been to the beach in teeny tiny bikinis, we’ve grinded together at clubs (like all girl friends do obvi), and we’ve changed together in the change-room at the gym.  I am confident that I would KNOW if ANY of my girl friends had a DICK.  So, let’s just say that I was a little confused.

“OhMyGod, I’m SO sorry,” Laura was already standing up, wraping the bedsheets around her.  I thought surely I had been mistaken; like I said above, I know Laura well and she’s all woman.

“That’s okay,” I said, feeling my reality shifting back to normal, “what was that anyway?”  Some of whatever it was had landed on my cheek and I wiped it off with a finger and popped it into my mouth. “Hmm tastes like… wait, seriously, was IS this?”

Laura was blushing like crazy, “I – I just woke up like this, I’m so sorry.  I didn’t know you were there and I was just…. seeing if it worked.”

“Seeing if WHAT worked?”

“Um… this.”  Laura let the sheets fall away and stood there, totally naked from her collarbone, to her round tits, smooth stomach, and finally to her bobbing, fully erect dick.  You know that expression “eyes as round as saucers”? Yeah, that was me.

After a moment of stunned silence, the only thing I could think to say was, “you don’t have any balls.”

Laura looked releived and burst out laughing, “Marny, you are awesome.”  I didn’t see what made me so awesome, I was still staring, trying to figure out what was going on; luckily Laura was happy to explain – which only sorta helped with my confusion.

“Do you wanna touch it?” Laura asked after her explanation. Ew no, I thought at first, but on second though, when else was I ever going to have a chance to touch a girl’s dick?  It had already been months since I’d even touched a guy‘s dick!

I leaned forward and gingerly poked at the head with my finger, it came away sticky and I licked my finger, out of habit.  Laura laughed, “you can touch it more than that, I don’t mind.”  This time I gently rubbed my whole hand over the top of the head and down the shaft, Laura moaned.

“When I look down, it still seems funny that there aren’t any balls there, is it just blank or whatever?”

“No,”Laura answered, moving to sit on the bed, “check it out!”  She spread her legs and I saw that under her dick, her pussy was still there; and it was dripping wet,  strings of her juices were covering her thighs.  I felt my face flush and realized that my own panties were getting damp too.

Now let me just say here that even IF I do like to look at girls in porn, I’m not INTO girls – I’ve kissed a few friends on dares, but I would classify myself as a girl who is strictly about the dick… but now Laura had one of those too… and it was looking really good… and it had been a really long while for me…   Not that I’m making any excuses, I just wanted you to understand why I ended up stroking Laura’s big dick until she filled my mouth with her sweet cum and let the last spurts splash onto my hair (which was an accident, I’m sure).





10 comments to Diary of a Futa – Marny’s Journal

  • Awesome chapter! Great idea to change the narrator. I hope you think about this if Laura loses all control. I’m wondering if you can correctly describe the need for a guy (or futa) to cum inside in base animal terms. A challenge? ;)

  • davi

    what manga is that

  • Peter M

    The manga has been translated as ‘Semen Sprinkler J’… but is also commonly known as ‘melon fuck’, shay has had a few shots up before. Also, this chapter is awesome, I was totally going to try to write a little cameo bit for one of the parts like this that got left blank.

  • Shay

    Thanks Peter, you’re correct – I know this manga as “melon fuck”, which makes more sense when you see what the other panels are like. haha :)
    Oh! You should write the cameo, I’d love to see it. Also, I’m so glad you enjoyed this chapter.

  • Shay

    Oooh maybe you should pick a “blank spot” and I’ll run a little writing contest and give away a prize ^_^

  • Peter M

    Hey, why don’t you run a contest to fill in the ‘black out’ in chapter six? Although… that has the issue of already starting full into sex… theres atleast a two hour gap in chapter seven that isn’t filled in, can we use that one?


    is this the most recent chapter of DoaF? will there be moer? MOARPLZ!

  • Dan

    Is it over? I want more =/
    Plz shay, give us more :)

  • Lord_Darkstarr

    Yes, please don’t leave us hanging like this! Write more, lots more, as soon as you can!

  • Mikey

    u cant leave us hangin when dicks are on the line!!!!!!!

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