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Toy Review – Duets: Lube + Vibe

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Have you ever been in the middle of using a mini vibe and thought “hmm a dash of lube would be great right about now”?  Clearly someone over at the DocJohnson offices has, because they’ve come out with a neat little device: a toy that is half vibe and half lube!  My friends over at VibeReview sent me one (the last one they had in pink it seems ^_~) to try out.

The Duet is a small (3 inches long) and discrete item; it’s made of phthalate-free plastic; it’s got a refillable lube dispenser on one end (but comes with lube to get you started) and the other end acts as a mini vibe (with controls near the pump end).  It’s a relatively simple vibe; just one speed with an on and off switch.  The Duet comes with a battery already inside too, so it’s ready to go right out of the box.

What I liked: I asked to try out this toy because I wanted to find out if it was as cool in real life as it was in concept – and it came pretty darn close.  The pump action of the lube worked very smoothly, and the vibe switch was fairly easy to use ( it’s hard to go wrong with an on/off switch, though someone with bigger fingers and shorter nails could have more trouble than me).  The vibrations were fine, not mind blowing; but would be perfect if you were going to use this while you’re having sex or playing with another non-buzzy toy.  It’s also relatively quiet, so you probably wouldn’t wake the kids using this one.

What I didn’t like: the smell of the lube put me off at first, until I realised that it was supposed to smell like strawberries – but you can always dump it out and fill the dispenser with your own fave lube if you want.  Also, as I mentioned above, the vibrations this toy puts out are fun, but probably not enough to put most people over the edge on their own (like, not me, for instance).

This toy would be great for: taking on vacation since it’s so small and gives you buzziness + lube; especially if you’re not traveling alone ^_~.  I mean, how perfect is it to have a toy that you can rub all over your clit while you’re having sex and then flip over to add a squirt of lube without having to change position!?

Although the weak vibes did drop it’s ranking down a bit, the Duet still gets an 8 out of 10 for a cool concept put into action:

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