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Diary of a Futa (part 6)

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Hello and welcome to the long-awaited Chapter SIX of DoaF – sure, you could probably still get into this chapter without refreshing your memory of the back-story, but what fun would that be?!  I strongly recommend going back and re-reading the story from at least Chapter Three (chapter five would be the very minimum), but you might want to go all the way back to Chapter One for the full effect.  ^_^

Ready now?
Oh goody!

Well, read on and let me know what you think in the comment section – I hope you enjoy this newest installment of The S Spot’s exclusive Diary of a Futa.


I kissed Laura hard, pulling her close with one arm and using the other to balance us as I pushed her down on her back.  Once we were laying down I leaned back and looked down at Laura’s body; her cheeks were flushed, in fact her whole body had a pink glow to it.  As Laura reached up to alternate between playing with my breasts and playing with my cock, I let my eyes travel over her breasts, down her stomach, to arrive at her pretty pink pussy.  Her whole vulva was blushing pink and I could see how glistening wet it was.  I reached down and spread her pussy lips with my thumbs.

“C’mon,” she moaned, “put it in, I want… no, I need to feel your cock inside me!”

But I was stalled, I kinda wasn’t sure where to go from here.  I’d always been on the receiving end of the cock, how did guys do this part?!  How hard should I push it into her?  Did I need to aim?  How should I move once it’s in?

“Please,” murmured Laura, “stop teasing me.  Please, I need it, I want it”  Laura was stroking my cock exclusively now, slowly trying to pull it towards her pussy.

I blushed and leaned over her, letting our breasts press together again.  With one hand beside her head on the bed, and the other guiding my cock, I kissed her again as I slowly slid my aching cock into her eager pussy.

I felt her arch her back under me and gasp, “slowly,” she whispered, ” I wanna savour every inch.”

I slowly drove my cock deeper and deeper inside.  I couldn’t have imagined something feeling better than Laura’s mouth around my cock – my brain just couldn’t visualize it – so you can imagine it’s shock: little neurons were popping and crackling all over my brain in ecstasy – looking back, I don’t think I could even see straight.

My consciousness was consumed by the feeling of her hot wet pussy wrapped tightly around my cock.  As I pushed deeper I could feel her stretching open for me: stretching and wrapping and hot and wet, and amazing.   Just a few more inches and my entire new cock would be totally consumed by her hungry pussy – I slowly pressed on.

Suddenly, I felt Laura reach around and grab my ass – pulling me quickly all the rest of the way inside of her.  Before I had a chance to say anything, I felt her pussy convulsing around my cock, her ripples of pleasure massaging my cock on all sides.  I gasped and tried not to move until she had finished coming.

“Laura,” I smiled teasingly, “I don’t know how your boyfriends handled you – You’re such a bad girl!  What happened to going slow?”

She giggled ” I couldn’t help myself!”

“Well,” I smiled back devilishly, “I think I know how to teach you a lesson.”  I pulled back, the warm air of my bedroom feeling like icy winter on my cock after the warmth of her pussy.  I slid myself back out of her until just the head was still inside, and then rammed my cock back home.  Laura gasped and I felt her pussy pulse.

“Mm you’re getting good at this,” she groaned, “keep it up and we might have to go buy a lifetime’s supply of those bottles….”  she paused as I repeated my performance “… mmmmm and move to a desert island where we can fuck all day…. …. and night.”

After that, I don’t really know if she said anything else.  I was lost in a synaesthetic world of delicious pleasure – all I could see or hear was the feeling of sliding my new hard cock in and out of her tight, wet pussy; the feeling of her hands alternatively on my breasts or ass, squeezing tight, pulling me as deep as we could go.

On some level, I couldn’t believe I was fucking my best friend like this with a cock that I’d had for less than a day!  But on most levels, I just wanted more – I wanted to fuck her as hard as I could until we couldn’t come anymore.

I was going to stop after the first time I came, our bodies pressed together as she whispered in my ear, begging me to cum inside her; but Laura kept bucking her hips and my cock hadn’t softened at all – so we kept going.  I was going to stop after the third time I came, with her riding on top of me, massaging my breasts and calling me a slut; but I couldn’t let her get away with that, I just had to flip her over, so that she was face-down on the bed and call her a slut right back, as she screamed her agreement while she came.

Finally we found ourselves on our knees on the floor next to my bed.  Laura reached her hand back, like she must have done with lots of other guys, to feel the spot where my cock and her pussy were becoming one.  Then she slid her hand back a little further, where I guess my balls would have been if I were a guy – but, since I’m not, her fingers ended up in my forgotten pussy.  As her fingers began exploring my sopping wet pussy, it felt like little bolts of electricity were traveling up my body – without warning my cock slipped out of Laura’s pussy and exploded once more.

This must have given Laura the idea because, as I was recovering, I saw her reaching into my bedside table.  After rummaging around for a few seconds, she pulled out the dildo she had given me last year in a gift exchange – I had forgotten I had it, since I had been too shy to use it and had banished it to the bottom drawer with my chargers and spare batteries.

“Here, I want to try something,” she said, passing it over her shoulder to me.  “Put this on the floor under you.  I want it to slide into your pussy while we fuck.”  I slid my cock smoothly back into her, just to show her who was fucking who here and was satisfied by her groan.  “C’mon,” she pressed, “just try it!”

Obligingly I placed the dildo between my ankles and slowly lowered myself, aiming my pussy carefully to line the two up.  As I lowered my pussy onto the dildo, Laura positioned herself over me and lowered her pussy onto my cock so that when the dildo was fully inside my pussy, I was also deep inside hers.

The sensation was indescribable, it was like I was the fucker and the fuckee all at the same time – my brain didn’t know what to do with all these incredible feelings.  In fact, I think I must have blacked out because when I came to the dildo was across the room, and Laura was spooning me cozily.

I was just about to snuggle up and continue our cat-nap when there was a light knocking on my door…

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futa sex2


13 comments to Diary of a Futa (part 6)

  • Mihal Aviri

    Not my favorite part, I prefer the library scene. Still well written and descriptive as always, it is a nice addition.

    I wonder who was knocking?

  • Sonimon

    And now for my favourite saying:

    “Girl’s got wood? It’s all good!”

    Amazing as always, Shay.

  • Briar

    Very nice… I love DoaF

  • Well it gave me a boner and at my age that’s always a good thing! Keep those stories (and my boners!) coming darlin’!!!

  • Jcfiala

    I’m loving every word of this! Another stiff episode :)

  • scottward

    i love the new installment of DoaF it is amazingly written except for the horrible fact of its stops. lol i want, no need more DoaF

  • Tank

    HOLY HELL! I LOVED IT!! i gotta know when the next one is coming out, because the story so far is super hot and suspenseful! keep it up!

  • Horny Guy

    awesome. keep them cumming. :)

  • Mr. Mister

    Once again you never cease to arouse me with DoaF, I wonder whose knocking, anyways I’ll be eagerly waiting for part 7.

  • Th3 !nf0rm3d 0n3

    Nice! I love this series, but I had thought that you discontinued it after there was such a gap between this one and the last. I was wondering, are you going to follow up on that tidbit about that guy? Or was that just a side-story to make us feel like part of the storyline?

  • Ah, penetration. A key part of any futa story!

    Good use of begging and entering slowly.

    Honestly Laura is HAWT. I love a girl who knows what she wants and is willing to go after it.

    If I had one negative critique, I’d say I don’t like the glazing over of the internal ejaculation. That’s one of my favorite parts of futa fiction and it really was not played with at all.

    Now we have two questions: Who’s at the door and will futa cum have any effect on the unsuspecting horny girl Laura?

  • wow! amazing. def will read the other stories later on.
    *great fotos btw

  • Psylon

    this is so amazing and wonderfull please let me know when the next chapter arives

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