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word cloud

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neat! ^_^wordle

What are your thoughts?

8 comments to word cloud

  • Birdie and Bee

    ahhhh, the main processing sector of the libito

  • Julien

    I get cock, pussy, and pretty much everything else except for “Laura’s” right next to “hymen”. What the heck is so special about Laura’s hymen?

  • zkid

    I’m failing to see any mention of contraception. The closest words I can find are “doctor” and “problem”. Intentional?

  • Shay

    haha it’s an automatically generated word cloud, generated from the words that I’ve used the most often most recently.

    Julien – i think those two are unrelated ;)

    zkid – unintentional? I guess there’s no mention of contraception on the front page right now.

  • I just get stuck at cock and pussy. It’s like the other words aren’t even there…

  • oh…now i get it… passage from the Diary of a Futa post

  • Futanarikko

    That looks like a scan of my mind :P

    Except that the biggest word should be “Pussy”


  • PeterM

    Have I been reading too much 2nd wave fem lit.? Why is the first thing I notice that vagina is external to the body, and penis is integrated?

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