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Happy 4th Blogiversary The S Spot!

sspot blogiversaryHurray!!
4 whole years – that’s like 28 in blog years!
(Gosh, does that mean it’s time for the site to start thinking about settling down? I hope not!)

This has been a busy busy year for us here at The S Spot!

I moved to a new city and the site moved to a new domain (woot!);

I started writing for Jane’s Guide and I joined the Best Sex Bloggers;

We saw the (sorta) end of film fridays and we saw the return of Diary of a Futa;

not to mention lots of reader questions were answered and lots of neat toys were reviewed!

Speaking of toys, we also gave away some shiny new toys in fun contests.

In fact, this would be a great time to announce the winner of the S Spot Trivia contest!

Coincidentally, although he was picked at random, he was also the only person to answer every question perfectly (though others gave alternate answers that were acceptable ^_^) – clearly it was fate!  Well done JR, your prize will be on the way as soon as I get your addy.
A HUGE HUGE thank you to the wonderful people at Babeland for providing the fabulous prize for this contest!


But that’s not all, it is the S Spot’s birthday, and we’ll give away more swag if we want to! VibeReview has sweetly donated a mystery prize to be given to one of today’s lucky commenters (so long as they live in the US or Canada)!  So drop me a line, maybe let me know what was the highlight of your year with the S Spot.

The coming year will see lots of fun new things on the S Spot I’m sure:

More reader questions answered, more toy reviews, lots more posts about sex, and of course more hentai.

But there will be some new stuff as well: one reader sent me a sweet little digital camera so we might be seeing some video posts sometime in the future!

I hope you’re looking forward to another year of The S Spot as much as I am!

<3 Shay

30 comments to Happy 4th Blogiversary The S Spot!

  • Congrats. In today’s world, that’s quite the accomplishment. People come and go so fast. I am definitely looking forward to my blog’s 1 year! -s-

  • Also, can we see the answers?

  • Chonster

    Does that mean video toy reviews in the near future? :D

  • Happy Birthday, Shay! Here’s hoping you have many many more!

  • Megan

    Happy 4 years shay! x3 Hoping for many more.

  • Butterfly

    This has been a great year for the blog, though my favorite thing has been discovering it. Your posts make my day and I’ve even gotten some friends into reading it.

  • Yay!
    Keep it up!
    (That’s what she said! Sorry. I’ll put my inner teen boy back into his box and go.)
    Happy Anniversary, Shay!

  • Justina

    Woo! go Shay! hard to believe it’s been four years already. XD guess I’ve been lurking longer than I thought.
    …. my highlight of the year? …. probably the Diary of Futa updates and the ‘get the lurkers to post’ post. :p that actually gave me motivation to say something

  • powerpetfreak23

    lol, Go Shay!! I can’t wait for five!! I have been reading your blog for so long.. I’m surprised! Bring back the videos!! I personally liked that portion of the blog.

  • Congratulations on 4 years! I just passed that milestone myself last month, and HNT will turn that old in May. Who’da thunk it?? Keep up the great work!

  • NDO

    Still my favorite sexy blog! Virtual champagne is in order! Pop the corks, feel the bubbles tingle your nose! Congrats Shay!

  • Happy 4th anniversary Shay!

  • CBM

    Happy Birthday and I hope for many more. The advice is great and I’d have to say the highlight of my S Spot year was getting posted for CBW just before Thanksgiving. My girlfriend was really happy about that and so was I. ^_^

  • Darthbane

    Congrats on the 4th anniversary, Shay! Love the site, keep up the great work :)

  • Hey Shay, happy blogiversary! My highlight of this past year came early (ha) with one guy’s question about how hard he should push to penetrate his g/f without hurting her. It was so sweet of a question to ask, I remember it to this day. ^_^

  • Amethyst

    Congrats times a million! Fittingly, i think today’s anime picture is one of my favorite one’s yet. Perhaps you’ll post an even better one on your eighth anniversary! (What else will i read throughout med school?)

  • C

    Congrats on making it to 4 years Shay! This is by far the best blog I’ve come across. When a link from Bitch PhD lead me over here almost 3 years ago, I was still new to the sexual scene. Through reading your blog, I learned to be more open and accepting of all sorts of different things, some of this stuff I would have never learned had it not been from your posts. I’ve touted the site to all my friends, so that they may too learn the things we could never ask our parents that are really quite important! (And yes, we’re all 18 =] )

  • Chris

    Congratulations Shay!! Here’s to many more years of a wonderful blog!!

  • Simon

    Congratulations, man this is such a great blog XD I think my highlight this year was posting for CBW and seeing how many people liked my picture. It was a great confidence booster ^^

  • Katie

    Congratulations Shay!!

    My favorite part of this blog is Diary of a Futa. I look forward to the next chapter!

  • Shay

    Thank you so much everyone!! ^_^ I’m so grateful for your support!

    To answer a few of you specifically:

    Adriana – I posted the answers on Monday, you must have missed them (as well as the hotlink to them within this post).

    Chonster – we’ll see! haha

    Butterfly – that’s the highest compliment, that you pass me around to your friends *heart*

    Prospero – what does that make me then? “That’s what she said” is a significant part of my vernacular!

    Justina – I’m so happy I inspired you to pipe up once in a while! ^_^

    Powerpet – I still post them from time to time, you’ll have to keep an eye out.

    Obasso – we’re becoming the old fogies of blogging!

    Ki Two – OMG I know! That one was so adorable.

    Amethyst – I’m glad you like it, I spent way too long looking for just the right image to use. ^_^

    C- Fantastic!!! ^_^

    Katie – hopefully you won’t have to wait much longer to read it ^_~

  • aw

    Great to see the blogiversaries clocking up. Well done, a great read.

  • Hey Shay,

    We’re both four years old now, who’d have thought? Nice growing “old” together, eh?

    Happy anniversary,


  • JR

    Happy belated anniversary!

  • Winged

    Diary of a Futa hands down! Happy versary and many returns!

  • Happy bloggy birthday Shaybear! :o)

  • Cion

    Congrats on 4 years shay!

  • Congratulations!

    I remember that your blog was one of the fist ones I ever read when I stumbled across sex blogs.

    Looking forward to another year of this fantastic blog.

  • Futanarikko

    Happy belated blogiversary!!

    (I had to read that before writting it xD)

  • *mizz t. casa

    omg. four years & i just found out about this blog. i’ve been missing out.

    anywayz, congrats…this is amazing, lastly that long. i hope u stay around for many years to come.

    i absolutely ? what i’ve read so far. i’ll def be a loyal reader if u do. xoxo

    ? Happy belated Blogiversary?

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