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Product Review – Ivy Vibe

The Ivy vibe I got from VibeReview doesn’t look terribly exciting, but then, that’s really the point of a vibrator that’s trying to be discrete, isn’t it. The Ivy is made out of plastic with silicone pads and looks like some kind of interesting neck massager – at least, that’s what you can tell you mom if she finds it. Even if she turns it on, maybe you can still convince her that those seven vibration settings are supposed to be therapeutic. ^_~

What I liked: I actually did like the seven vibration settings (three vibration speeds and four different pulse settings)…  well, not all seven – I really liked only a few of them, but I do appreciate being given options. The Ivy was nice to hold too – you really don’t take that ergonomic thing seriously until you do try a toy that’s awkward to hold – Ivy was comfortable and it was easy to access and figure out the controls. The motor was pretty impressive for a small toy and the vibrations transferred really well though the nubby end.  It also was fairly quiet, even on the higher settings.

What I didn’t like: As I mentioned above, I only really liked some of the seven settings, so it was too bad I had to scroll through two boring ones each time I wanted to get to one of the other settings I liked – but maybe that’s just being picky.  I also didn’t find that the nubs did anything particularly special for me.

This toy would be great for: someone who wants a nice little clitoral vibe that doesn’t look too much like a sex toy.  It’s also quite compact, which makes Ivy another toy that could be great for when you’re traveling but don’t want to have to leave all your toys at home.  A good toy for newbies.

The Ivy Vibe is simple and buzzy – I found it more of a fun teaser than an orgasm producer – it gets a 6.5 out of 10:

4 comments to Product Review – Ivy Vibe

  • *snap!* I’ve just reviewed the Ivy as well – it’s scheduled to go up on my blog in about an hour. You gave it 1/2 a vibe more than I did, so we’re pretty much in agreement there!

    xx Dee

  • Shay

    Haha! That’s awesome! ^_^

  • Lauren

    Question: how direct was the vibration onto your clit? Was it only on your clit or did it hum through your whole vulva? Also, how strong was it? I’m used to the electric toothbrush (which I love and works every time), but I’m looking for something affordable MADE FOR THE JOB lol. Time to invest!!! Thanks!!

  • Shay

    because of the nature of nubby pad (i.e. it’s relatively small, about 3/4’s the size of the pad of my thumb) the vibrations are focused wherever you press it. :)

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