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Ass to Mouth

Hey Shay! I was wondering if a blowjob after unplanned anal sex is sanitary? Cuz I just had an argument with a friend, and he seems to think that it’s fine (too much porn I think) while I disagreed. On another note, though safe sex is highly encouraged, when is it a high probability that a guy cums inside a girl in good old fashioned vaginal intercourse and she won’t get pregnant? Thanks!

Ideally, even if the sex was unplanned, a condom should have been used (even if it’s just to protect the inside of the penis from bacteria) so you would peel off the anal condom before popping the penis into someone’s mouth. However, I suspect you’re talking about unprotected anal sex.

In this case it still, [and I did check this with Dr. Joannides, of The Guide to Getting it On] it’s not too big of a deal – the flora and fauna living in your ass are pretty much the same as the ones in your mouth, so you aren’t liable to catch anything terrible like an ecoli infection from putting a toy or penis in your mouth after recently enjoying it in your ass – though the concept often does put people off trying it.

In fact, even if you were putting a penis or a toy in your mouth after it had been in a partner’s ass you shouldn’t have any problems, so long as it’s a long-time partner – just like with rimming, it’s not really an issue – because two people who have been intimate together for a long time will share similar bacteria already.

Additionally, as I’ve mentioned when I’ve written about anal before, feces isn’t stored in the rectum until just before leaving it – so the area where your anal penetration is happening should be relatively poop-free. Besides that, if your anal sex is properly lubricated, the lubricant coating may discourage offensive particles from latching on – though you might want to give the item in question a quick wipe before putting it in your mouth. (And once again, you should be using a condom for safety – even if your only concern is a UTI.)

As for your other question – speaking ONLY to the risk of getting pregnant – the “safest” time to have vaginal sex is during your period because that is when you are least likely to have a fertilize-able egg floating around (though it has happened).

I would like to stress that you should always be using some form of birth control (ideally two or more) – the only people who try to time when they are most and least fertile are the people who are trying to get pregnant.

I hope that helps!

9 comments to Ass to Mouth

  • Anonymous

    It’s a bit odd though that switching from ass to mouth is fine, when switching from ass to vag is a rather bad idea, isn’t it?

  • Dan

    That’s interesting that there’s a similarity in anal and oral bacteria. Curiosity eventually won over hangups about rimming and the two partners I’ve tried it with have both really enjoyed it. However, my girlfriend still has a big hangup about it in that afterwards she’ll make me get up and brush my teeth/tongue before continuing with anything else.

    Which segues me to two questions, that you might answer here or might answer in a whole new post ;) :

    1) With respect to moving bacteria where it oughtn’t be, how risky is going from rimming to vaginal oral?

    2) Speaking of vaginal oral sex, if my girlfriend has been sucking on me and then kisses me, she again always wants me to go clean out my mouth before she’ll let me go down on her. Again, how much practical risk of pregnancy would there be from, say, sperm in precum in her mouth jumping onto my tongue and then finding its way inside her?

  • Gadfly


    Now that you mention it, a baby develops a fairly full set of intestinal flora within a couple of months or so. Bound to be fairly ubiquitous. The mouth is going to have to have massive defenses — since it’s design is to try and ingest parts of the environment in search of nutrients.

    I guess with the vagina, you just have to avoid the numbers of migrating bacteria overwhelming the vadge’s natural defenses. Teaching little girls to wipe front to back and all that …

    Never really thought about it.

    Thanks Shay

  • Shay

    Anon – Actually it’s not even a bit odd, since the mouth and ass are part of the same system whereas the vag is totally on it’s own and has different things going on.

    Dan – As someone who has had vaginal infections and UTI’s in the past, to me it’s not worth the risk of transporting bacteria on your tongue to places that can’t handle it. So just to be safe I would swish your mouth with some mouthwash before moving from ass to vag (p.s. experts also advise using dental dams). As for your second question, I have my suspicions but let me look into that and I’ll post my answer for you another time.

    Gad – and don’t forget about the urinary tract’s seemingly weak natural defenses as well.

  • badside

    Wow, that’s really surprising! I’ve never tossed any salads because I thought that you’d be at risk of some e-coli sickness or something. Boy is my next GF in for a treat! ;^P Seriously, thanks for the info and to whoever asked that question too, good one.

  • exile

    also, it’s always a good idea to keep a box of tic tacs handy too

  • Anonymous

    You said that only people who are trying to get pregnant time when they are most and least fertile. However, some catholic women time such things as a birth control method, as they do not believe in other forms of birth control.

  • Shay

    Oh yes, I am well aware that some couples try to use the rhythm method as a form of birth control – the point of my statement is that it is NOT a valid way of preventing pregnancy and should not be trusted as one’s only form of birth control (ESPECIALLY since it doesn’t protect you from STIs)

  • Me

    Eat ass. Eat it often. Stick the tongue deep.

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