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Film Fridays – Here in a Flash

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I definitely don’t think celebrity vag flashing was exclusive to 2006…
but this video sends a clear message:

sometimes vaginas are just meant to be seen

P.S. Yup, still looking for submissions.

P.P.S. It’s very weird that google shows “vaginas” as a typo – how do they want me to pleuralize vagina? Vaginie? Is there a pleural word for vagina that I’m just not thinking of? Does google just feel that it’s wrong to talk about more than one vagina at a time?

6 comments to Film Fridays – Here in a Flash

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t show a typo for vaginas here – entering it into as a search term. Although in typing it it in here it gets a red underline. Weird.

  • Sonimon

    Well, I believe it can also be pluralized as vaginae. Also, the word vagina comes from the Latin for sheath. Interesting, yes?

  • Gadfly

    Not that I’m going to try it… but what does google think about penises?


  • catastrophe girlfriend

    hahaha – luv that clip Shay!

  • Shay

    Anon – yeah, the red underline is what I meant. haha

    Soni – ahhhh you’re right, vaginae is the way to go!! I did know that about the origin of the word, very interesting still. ^_^

    Gad – lol don’t worry, my firefox spell-checker recognizes “penises” as the pleural form. haha Though I’m sure “vaginas” will still have results in google since people use that word on their pages, and if it’s out there, google finds it. lol

    CG – thanks doll! I thought it was really funny.

    twg – yup, seems that my firefox spell-checker likes that. ^_^

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