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CockBlogging Wednesday 82

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This week’s CBW submission comes from another girl who was able to convince her boyfriend to take some photos – nicely done!
Man! The ladies are all over getting their partners to send in pictures for CBW! Guys, you’d better get a move on – it’s only fair that they participate too, right?
(click img to see what’s the alien is eclipsing)

My boyfriend and I have been enjoying your blog, thank you so much! Great idea of cocktoberfest too! I don’t know whether you’ll be able to use this, but I really adore this pic my boyfriend took of his cock (we call it Jupiter). (He gave me permission to send it in in case you’re worried.) Keep up the great blog work!

3 comments to CockBlogging Wednesday 82

  • whoami929

    Yeah, I’m the first to comment!!! That’s a creative pic that sent in. Thanks for sharing.

  • Anonymous

    is that..the real measurement? because that’s bigger than my wrist and whoever sent that in has one crazy lucky girlfriend

  • Anonymous

    it is the real measurement and yes, i am one crazy lucky girlfriend! it was my enthusiasm about his size that caused him to find out if it was unusual. :)

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