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"New" Internet Addiction

A friend of mine has recently become obsessed with THIS website.

This is a site where, for free, you can choose who you would like to see on webcam; there are dozens of girls, men, and couples to choose from. [Suze! This could be a great new job for you!]

Without signing up, you can watch whoever you want (as long as they are online) for around 5 minutes (3-4 times every hour or so). After you sign up, you can watch them for as long as you want AND you can chose to go into “private chat” where you can actually interact with the model(s) and they will do whatever you want (for $2/min).
[jeez, I sound like an add for the site!]

Anyway – My friend can’t stop! He’s got his favorite girls, who he checks in on every night and visits while he studies. He finds himself spending whole evenings on this site! (Keep in mind that, although he can type messages to the girls, they don’t respond unless you are in a private chat)
So far he has resisted getting a membership – he’s afraid he would be even more tempted to go into that private chat and would loose track of time (and money). But it already seems like a very good time waster (he’s already gotten a few girls to get naked for him in public chat). ^_^

His only complaint is that he isn’t given a chance to talk to the girls and get to know them a bit unless he is in a private chat – he feels that if customers got to know the models a little without going in private chat, they would be more likely to spend that $2/min.
Obviously there are many customers who don’t care about getting to know the models – so he wants to know if you (my readers) think there is something weird about him.

I think his “problem” is that he is seeing the models as real people and not just tools/objects for masturbation (like regular porn) – he wants to form an emotional attachment with the person he would like to see touching herself. What do you think?

Here’s the link again

(psst – To Suze and anyone else interested: I checked it out and it seems pretty easy to become one of the models. I wanted to do it, but I don’t think it would work with my current apartment setup)


6 comments to "New" Internet Addiction

  • bedroomdancer

    There’s nothing wrong with him, he just wants more of a connection than a setup like that offers. You can tell him, I for one, am glad he’s not sucked in too bad, giving them his money like it grew out of his ass. But he is sucked in a little too far.

    He needs to get his own real girl, or be patient and know he will eventually. THAT’s where he’ll get the connection he desires… not at a webcam spot.

    Since he asked, there’s what I think…

  • pantylines

    I think he might be onto something…I think if you give a little more in the ‘free zone’ then guys are willing to pay the extra if they know what they are getting. There is nothing worse than to go and pay for something and it not be what you expected….just this guys opinion

  • Shay

    Sweet thoughts BedRDancer, I’m glad he’s not been sucked into paying anything. But he actually does have a girlfriend – they are very happy together.

    I agree with you pantylines ^_^

  • horny guy

    i dont understand how he can have a girlfriend and spend whole evenings on that site…

  • Naughty Faery

    I spoke to somebody who used to work on a text line and he said it was always the same people texting in trying to get to know the girls better.
    The fact that most of the “girls” were guys didn’t seem to put them off!

  • bigmikeinaustin

    I do the same thing, especially when I’m bored / lonely at home. Sometimes, I’ll even go into a private chat and only chat with the girl, b/c that’s how she’d making money, and it’s a thankyou for being intelligent and interesting enough.

    And I do the same at strip clubs. I go more to interact with the girls, rather than just to get off.

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