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Film Friday 93 – What Do Dicks Look Like?

I couldn’t stop laughing the first (or the third) time I watched this!Don’t think about the physiological inaccuracies, just enjoy:

Click HERE to see the vid

RQ – Why Are You Blushing?

“I am writing again to the S Spot with a question that has bugged me for years. Often when you encounter hentai/manga/anime, the cheeks of different characters are colored bright red. I understand that it is usually used to convey embarrassment. However, I also noticed that many hentais feature women with the same red colored [...]

Cockblogging Wednesday 79

This week we have an image from Matt
(click it to see him without the sock)

“Just love your site and thought Id contribute. I hope you enjoy.“

Ladies and Gentlemen get out your cameras and give your cock or cunt some time in the spotlight; heck, convince your partners, wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends, close friends, etc [...]

5 Days to Cocktoberfest!

Dust off your lederhosen and beer steins!
I’m looking for your best pictures to be posted for Cocktoberfest here at The S Spot

Send me ([email protected]) a great shot of your Cocktoberfest sausage,
tell me your favourite brand of beer,
and you very likely will be featured in this year’s celebrations!

I’ve already taken my drinking hat out of the [...]

Surprise! You’re a Criminal!

Picture this:You’re a young man in grade 12 who’s dating this hot girl from your English class. You’ve been together long enough for things to be getting physical and one day, while she’s got a spare, she decides to send you a treat. She goes into the girl’s bathroom, slips off her panties, [...]

**Announcement**The S Spot Sexy Short Story Contest is now closed!Thank you for sending in your stories – we can’t wait to read them!^_^

FIlm Friday 92 – Sex Toy Story

Old, but still cute

Those of you who haven’t yet had the time to send in a story – don’t worry!I’m extending the deadline until this coming Sunday at 11:59pm

Cockblogging Wednesday 79

This week’s pic comes from a female reader
BUT it’s not really of herself – sneaky!(click image to see them without the wine)

“I finally convinced my boyfriend to let me take some pictures of him to submit for CBW and here is the fruit of many months’ worth of convincing! Enjoy!“

P.S. Don’t forget that Cocktoberfest [...]

Shay’s Picks for Back to School

This is for all my student readers who’ve headed back to Uni this fall; new notebooks, new pens, new roommates, and maybe even some new clothes, but what about your other back to school “essentials”?

Those of you who haven’t quite blown all your cash on textbooks and a meal plan, your good friend Shay [...]