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Shay’s Picks for Back to School

This is for all my student readers who’ve headed back to Uni this fall; new notebooks, new pens, new roommates, and maybe even some new clothes, but what about your other back to school “essentials”?

Those of you who haven’t quite blown all your cash on textbooks and a meal plan, your good friend Shay is here to suggest a few great items for relieving tension once the assignments start piling up:

1. The Mini Waterproof vibe
Sneakiness rating: 8 – The motor might not be quiet enough if you share a room with a light sleeper, but it IS waterproof so you can bring it in the shower if you need a little extra privacy + the water will definitely drown out the noise of the motor. It’s also pretty compact and non-descript so roommates and visiting family won’t recognize it in your toiletries basket.
Guys, don’t be shy about trying this gem out too (PLUS, if your roommate(s) do spot it, they’ll just think that you keep it around for “the ladies”).
Extra Bonus: it’s one of the best cheap toys out there, so it’s a great buy for a student on a budget.
Read my review HERE; get your own HERE or HERE or HERE.

2. The Tingle Tip
Sneakiness rating: 10 – who’s to say that you don’t just really care about your oral hygiene? No one has to know that you have one of these special attachments for your electric toothbrush. And since it just sounds like you’re brushing your teeth, you won’t have to worry about running a shower to cover the motor’s noise. Unfortunately this might not work for you if you live in a residence with a communal bathroom. Guys give this one a try too.

3. The vibrating Cock-Ring
Sneakiness rating: 8 – guys you can use this solo – girls, you can too, just slip it over your fingers or over another toy/thick highlighter/etc. It’s small so it’s easy to tuck somewhere and if anyone did find it, they wouldn’t know that you use it alone (which is somehow more acceptable). It’s also easy to stash if you’re about to be caught in the act: just keep it in your pants when you quickly do them back up. (Psst – if you get a softer ring with a removable bullet, remove it in between uses.)
Read my review of one HERE; buy your own HERE or HERE or HERE

4. The iBuzz
Sneakiness rating: 7 – 10 Students are always pressed for time, so let’s combine two of your favourite pastimes in one go – listening to music and masturbating (or having sex)! The reason why this toy has the potential for a sneakiness rating of 10 is because you could plug the splitter into your computer and have the music playing through the vibe AND through your speakers at the same time – which would thoroughly mask the motor’s sound. Guys, you know what I’m going to say; besides, it comes with a cock ring to slip the bullet into.
Read my review HERE; get your own HERE.

5. The Fleshlight
Sneakiness rating: 6-ish – it depends on how well you stash it; with the cover on it can kinda look like a big flashlight, but anyone who examines it closely might not be fooled. However, it is one of (if not THE) best masturbation toys out there for guys and would be worth the investment – your biggest worry might be roommates who want to borrow it once they discover you have one.
Read the review HERE, get your own HERE.

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