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Film Friday 77 – Bringing Sexy Back to Softcore

If you’ve ever talked to me about movies,
you’ll know that one of my pet peeves about films is the softcore sex scenes.

It doesn’t do anything for me
it doesn’t do anything for the plot

If I want to see people fucking, I’ll rent a porno.

There are very very few exceptions out there,
but one happens to be the Buffy series.
It’s got some of the hotest sex scenes I’ve seen AND it’s only softcore

(I’m not the only one who thinks they are hot, network even banned one of the scenes from airing!)

Unfortunately it’s hard to pick my favourite sex scene to show you
it’s hard to find a good montage
but this one was pretty good:

I also liked THIS one.

11 comments to Film Friday 77 – Bringing Sexy Back to Softcore

  • rupert

    Ah yes, and with Spike, how can one go wrong. What a well balanced show that was too, now thing may have been different if it were Buffy and Giles, but I do like Giles also not just because his first name is … ahem … Rupert.


  • Gadfly

    I just watched the movie again for the first time since it came out in like ’92

    Not only was there still a LOT of ’80s style still used in the movie — Kristi Swanson had at least some significant training as a martial artist. She’s big boned and she has her body positioned for power when she’s kicking the heavy bag. She was obviously selected for THAT reason.

    SM Geller is just adorable. She’s nimble, but she has no power. It was really kind of fun to compare the two Buffys.

  • Dirty Filthy Princess

    So very sexy! I was never a buffy fan when it was on but I could be convinced…

  • George

    … and she had him handcuffed to the bed. Kinky Buffy

  • Phedre

    glad to see the second one included that awesome scene with the building falling down around them- when I saw that on TV I was SHOCKED it was being allowed, it was so much more than PG13 LOL. love your website btw, just found it, and it totally rocks! you give awesome advice and information. I am a registered nurse, so its great to find something so accurate and well written, that still stays relevant and accessible to people of all ages. And I LOVE that you are a woman! keep up the great work. :)

  • Curvaceous Dee

    I’ve been a Buffy fan for a long time (and I have figurines and everything … I’m a geek and proud of it). And I never get tired of the incredibly hot connection between Buffy and Spike. SMG and JM just sizzle!

    xx Dee

  • Eve in Chains

    I always loved Buffy and Spike. For all that ass-kicking, Angel and even that Riley (was that his name?) kept her too “nice”. With Spike she was nasty. It looked good on her.


  • adam b

    Oh, “Buffy”!!

    Yeah, they’re hot!

    xx,adam b. (Hey! Why you don’t come visit me! I visit YOU!)

  • Shay

    Rups – hehe I was thinking of naming my first born son Rupert (when I have one) so that he could have the nickname “ripper”

    Gad – Blasphemy! You are not allowed to talk about the Buffy movie here! Swanson is NOT Buffy.

    DFP – it’s worth checking out, I used to be a doubter too!

    Phedre – well, I know the building falling down scene wasn’t shown on WB the first time the episode aired – except in Canada. ^_^ Also, thanks! I’m glad you’re enjoying my site!

    Dee – cool!!

    Eve – the problem with Angel is that it was all tension and no sex! Don’t forget the all night fuck-fest with Riley when they were possessed by an evil house spirit (or something)

  • Snow White

    I never watched Buffy, but I’m thinking I really should check it out in reruns! Thanks for sharing! ;-)

  • Rupert

    The thing that bugs me the most? Leaving bras on in sex scenes, even in R rated movies. Like in Knocked Up, several sex scenes with Kathering Heigl, but she never took her bra off. Completely took me out of the scene.

    And apparently, you have a plethora of Ruperts…

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