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Product Review – sorta – The Laya Spot Vibe

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When Babeland sent me the Laya spot vibe to review, I was very excited. As you can seen in the picture, it’s a super cute, ergonomically designed vibe. Mine is turquoise and pink.

It’s a very friendly, non-threatening, and non-phallic vibe. It boasts multiple speeds and multiple exciting vibration programs, including a pulse setting – and it only takes two AAA batteries. It’s also waterproof so it’s easy to clean and you can take it in the tub/shower if you like.

It was a dark and stormy afternoon when I finally had a chance to pop in some batteries and take this baby for a test drive. Sadly, I discovered that something was wrong with the particular vibe that was sent to me – it wouldn’t turn off unless I took out the batteries and I couldn’t get it to change speed or change programs! But I did my best to review it anyway.

What I liked: I did really like it’s appearance, it’s definitely the cutest vibe I own and it was pretty ergonomic (meaning that it generally conformed to the curve of my mons) – which meant that I didn’t have to hold it firmly in place, a plus since I hate having my hand vibrated by a toy. I only got to try out the basic vibration setting, which wasn’t too shabby, considering that was the lowest setting.

What I didn’t like: that is was broken, I really wanted to see what the other vibration programs were like. I will keep you posted though, in case I actually do get it to work.

This toy would be great for: Assuming it’s in working condition, this would be a fun toy to add to your collection; it’s great for first timers and people who don’t want a phallic looking toy.

I won’t be assigning this toy a rating because I couldn’t test it fully, it wouldn’t be fair.

The Layaspot vibe is part of the Eco-Sexy kit from Babeland, which I am currently working my way through. ^_^

4 comments to Product Review – sorta – The Laya Spot Vibe

  • Shasta Gibson

    Sadly, layaspots crap out chronically. I had mine for only a few months before it decided one day to get stuck on the ‘high’ setting and refused to go up, down, or off. It was a sad day. Apparently the motors in them are quite touchy and generally they don’t last too long before they start having problems. Still, mine was a blast while it lasted.

  • Gadfly

    It kills me (in a very, very good way) the way you are so low-key and non-specific about things. As opposed to myself, who must verbally illustrate every moist squishy nuance lol

    But the idea of naked, sexy Shay thrashing around with that vibe pressed hard, deep between her thighs… whew … pretty fucking hot if you ask me :o)

    Have a great week, girl

  • Alex

    I’ll bring my toolkit :)

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had one of these for about two years and it’s my favorite vibe. It has worked fine with no problems and I use it fairly often.

    I like the shape of the head, which feels like a firm cockhead against my clit. I also like that it will stay tucked in panties for hands-free play. I find the speeds very versatile and I would consider this a good choice as a primary vibe.

    I hope you get one that works so you can try it out.

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