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Get Your *Caption* Out of My Ass!

I just realized that is has been a very very very long time since we last played everyone’s favourite bloggy game: Show And Tell!
Well, I for one, think that it is high time for another round!

The last time we played the image was very tricky, but you guys still managed to come up with some winners:

I still can’t find your contact lens!

Sir… sirrrr… You told me we were going to recite haiku and draw ancient proverbs with ink and brush! And then I was supposed to show you how how I have come to excel at the conversational arts and Heian era dancing, remember?

ummmm–is it too late to choose ‘Truth’ instead…???

For those of you still a little hazy on the rules, here is how we play:

first I SHOW you a picture (click to enlarge):

and then you TELL me what you think is going on and/or what the character(s) are thinking or saying.

Ready? Do your best!!

19 comments to Get Your *Caption* Out of My Ass!

  • Prospero

    “Bobby, don’t be so lame! Kitty may be a little assertive, but she likes you a lot! And stop thumping against the table! You made my whipped cream fall!”

  • jsull28fl@yaho

    Damn, I need to air my lil stuff out. I smell iot from here. I can’t believe i didn’t hit it with some dial. Note to self
    wash my kitty!

  • Celtic Frog

    “I wonder if that waiter saw me playing with myself.”

    “I’m NOT going to take erotic literature again!”

    “I think he saw me.”

    “Are you even LISTENING???”

  • Damian

    “Try our new strapon tether, and never suffer embarrassing fallout again.”

  • Anonymous

    I just can’t help myself. I love the feeling of fresh, cool air on my wang. Too bad that table of grandmothers had to leave the restaurant in a huff, but that’s their issues, not mine.

    PS How are you Shay? I’ve been lurking for a while, getting ready for my return to sexblog land. And the time has come!

  • Cayman J

    Brown hair: I only agreed to do the group sex thing blindfolded because I was told my boundries would eb RESPECTED!! If I EVER find the guy that stuck it in my ass, I’m gonna…gonna… cut it off with this spoon.

    Red hair: *wink*

  • DZER

    Girl on left: Kore wa ramen, desu yo?

    Girl on right: Nondesu ka?


  • jim

    [little thought cloud coming out of the girl on the right]

    “What could possibly be keeping my futunari special?”

  • ArtfulDodger

    “I wonder, should I get mustard on my hot dog?”

  • badside

    Girl,”Boys are SO perverted!”

    Boy thinking to himself, “if you only knew just HOW perverted!”

  • Momentarily_Distracted

    Girl with pigtails:
    “I’m just glad we don’t have any perverts in OUR group, right Cindy?”
    Her friend (Cindy):
    *humming “I wish I were an Oscar Meyer wiener” quietly to self*

  • Prospero

    “Just once, I wish someone would ask me, ‘How’s it hangin’?'”

  • horny guy

    “i wonder how much longer before they see through my disguise…”

  • JeN

    “so… maybe this wasn’t a tampon…”

    WV: cxream

  • Anonymous

    “And another thing – I think one of the guys is sneaking into the girls restroom at school. I keep finding the toilet seat up, and the asshole can’t aim worth shit.”

  • TJ

    “If you think I’m gonna get stuck splitting this bill 3 ways you’re out of your goddamn mind!! You two cows stuffed yourselves with appetizers, surf & turf, and dessert, and all I ordered was a measly side salad! I’m sick of being taken advantage of. And f.y.i. Kimiko–your junk is hanging out again…”

  • Shay

    Quixotic asked me to post these for him:

    “I think that I’m the best hung transvestite in here!”

    “Yeah, buddy, just say something about my penis and you’ll be down in human resources taking 10 hours of sexual harassment classes!”

    “Note to self: wear granny panties with short dress….”

  • Anonymous

    Brown Hair says: “I’m telling you, someone keeps stealing the lotion out of my room!”

  • Maikeru

    “We’ve got to get her a boyfriend! I just don’t know why all the guys are afraid of her.”

    Yes it’s long over, but I thought I’d be funny anyway.

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