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Reader Question – Asking for Oral

It’s been over a year since I’ve had some oral sex.How can I hint to my boyfriend that I would like him to do it,when I’m not sure if he’s into it?I’m not even sure if he’s tried it.

Asking for oral sex makes a lot of people feel weird, but if you never ask he’s never going to know that you want it.

If you don’t feel comfortable just asking right out, “honey would you please eat me out?“or whispering into his ear, “I’d really love it if you went down on me right here, right now,” there are some ways that you can hint about what you’d like to try:

You could rent/download a porn that is heavy on cunnilingus to watch with him and show how excited you are about oral; ask him what he thinks about it, if he’s ever done it, or just mention that you’ve always wondered what a particular thing felt like. Like the alphabet thing – tell him that you’ve always wanted to know what that feels like.

You could pick up some edible lube (or some whipped cream or icing) and suggest a game: you drip it wherever you want and he has to lick it up, then he gets a turn to drip while you lick. This way you can subtly guide his mouth to where you want it to be. Just make sure that you make enough noise when he gets there so that he knows that this is an excellent place for his tongue (lovers learn well from noisy reactions). [N.B. be careful with sugar around your vag, do your best not to get any inside - it's sweet enough - and you'll avoid a yeast infection.]

You could also suggest a 69 – that way you’ll both get attention and it might help introduce him to the idea of giving you oral.

Or you could invite him to play a game of revealing fantasies, you tell him things that you would like to try and he can tell you things that he would like to try. Then you can discuss together what each of you are willing to actually do.

Or, if you want a less obvious route, you could get some of those love dice – the ones that have body parts on one dice and actions on the other dice – and just hope that you roll “lick pussy“.

I hope that helps!
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7 comments to Reader Question – Asking for Oral

  • Anonymous

    We males are dumb. Tell us in explicit detail what it is you want. We don’t do “hints” very well at all. Spell it out.

  • Pyrhonik

    I like this whipped cream idea :)

    For those babes who are super shy but really wanna try having a guy eat their pussy I remain with dj. Tell us. First tell us that you are super shy about a desire. There is nothing that fires a guy more than being able to provide satisfaction to the focus of his affection. A lot of guys are just as shy about the desire to try it or to just be down there and watch you play with yourself.

    Once he has reassurred you about revealing that desire then being straight up about how hot it makes you to fantasize about the act is what will fire your lover here again.

    Great post Shay,


  • Prospero

    I agree. Subtlety is lost on the guys and it’s better to find out now if he “just can’t do that” so you’ll know where things stand. However, if you DO go the hint route, Shay’s suggestions sound great to me. ;)

  • Anonymous

    You, my dear Shay, are giving me some very naughty ideas here! Although, I don’t need much prompting on this topic. I’m game.

  • ArtfulDodger

    I certainly don’t need any prodding, if anything Lady L has to beat me away from her pussy with a stick sometimes! But some of your ideas actually sound like fun, gotta find me some of those dice. ;)

  • badinfluencegirl

    my lover likes cunnilingus more than fellatio so i’m winning the oral fight for sure… something about when i jam myself into his face gets him all tingly inside…

    works for me.

    and those hints are good, especially the ones with food :)

  • Anonymous

    I had a friend whose husband wouldn’t go “downtown”…and she never asked for it and was always unsatisfied.


    My husband never tried certain things when we first got married because his ex-girlfriend didn’t like it.

    Ask and you shall receive!

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