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Cockblogging Wednesday 54

This week’s cock comes from David, a reader overseas, from the land of the long white cloud. Though what he sent me doesn’t seem to resemble a cloud in any way that I can tell… ^_~

“Long time reader, first time e-mailer. Love your work so much! Please find attached a picture of my kiwi [...]

Sex, Vibes, and Chocolate

Valentine’s Day is the most acceptable gift-giving occasion for giving a sex toy – maybe you didn’t want your partner to have open the prostate massager you bought him in front of his grandparents and baby cousins on Christmas/Ramadan/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa, but who is going to know that you gave him one for Valentine’s Day? No [...]

Why is This in your Family Photo Folder?

I realised something kinda funny last week: I still hide my porn.

I don’t live with my parents, no one else uses this computer – I really have no reason to be hiding my porn! But I just can’t help it.

I use a combination of the fake folder label trick and the folder within a [...]


Some of you may have noticed some changes going on around here lately:The S Spot has updated to the new blogger.

So what does this mean for you, my fabulous readers?Well, if you scroll down, you might notice that my posts have labels – not all of them do yet, just the first 50 and the [...]

Product Review - Supersex Rabbit Vibe

People think of the rabbit vibe as the ultimate phallic vibrator – it’s big, it’s powerful, it’s cute, and it looks really cool. It’s famous too! People talk about it all the time, it’s been on television shows (like Sex in the City); it’s one of the most well known types of sex toy out [...]

Film Fridays 59 – Fantasy Wank

I wouldn’t usually post something like this as a Film Friday feature,
but I saw it as a pop-up when I was surfing elsewhere and thought it was great!

Do many of you guys actually imagine yourself having sex while you jerk off?

(If you’re interested/bored you can see more of the fleshlight vids here, here, and here.)
And, [...]

Sandy Feet HNT

I had a request from a reader to post more HNTs of my feet.What can I say, I hate to let down my readers!

But when I was looking through my most recent photos I discovered that people have a bad habit of cutting my feet out of shots!

I’m going to have to rectify this, but [...]

Cockblogging Wednesday 53 – Surprise Bitches! – 3

Part Three of today’s CBW Triple Feature(scroll down to see parts 1 and 2)

Here we have Roger with a dramatic b&w shot:

“I recently discovered your S Spot Blog. Very sexy content which I’m enjoying very much. I would like to offer the attached photo for consideration for your Wednesday Cockblogging feature. I hope it meets [...]

Cockblogging Wednesday 53 – Surprise Bitches! – 2

Part TWO of today’s CBW Triple Feature(scroll down to see part 1)

Here we have Will showing off an impressive curve:

he’s like a g-spot toy!

“I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and finally got the courage (ok, maybe I was a little tipsy when I took these) to send you in some pictures for [...]

Cockblogging Wednesday 53 – Surprise Bitches! – 1

That’s right!Today is a CBW surprise Triple Feature!

First up we have Scott with the always popular before and after:




“Got a couple of pix for ya to show off ;) Love your site! It’s 8″ x 6″“

(I’m assuming those measurements are for his cock, not my site ^_~)

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