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Why is This in your Family Photo Folder?

I realised something kinda funny last week: I still hide my porn.

I don’t live with my parents, no one else uses this computer – I really have no reason to be hiding my porn! But I just can’t help it.

I use a combination of the fake folder label trick and the folder within a folder trick;
so, my porn is all in a folder called “old data” within another folder called “data”.
Back in the day, when I used to have to worry about my younger sibling raiding my computer, I also used to stash old lab reports in the “data” folder, just to make it look convincing.

Am I alone?
How do you hide your porn?
Or, if you’re lucky enough to not have to hide it anymore, how did you used to hide it?
Did your family/roommate/cat ever find it?

(psst, don’t forget that you can leave anonymous comments)

36 comments to Why is This in your Family Photo Folder?

  • Anonymous

    Really, why would you hide your porn when your account in Windows/Linux should be password protected.

    But honestly, I just archive it in a rar/zip file and password protect.

    My “current” porn just sits in “Porn” titled folder in My Docs

  • jim

    Not well enough, as my wife and I have had “talks” about it, on several occasions.

    Hey, there’s a useful column for all mankind — tips from a computer whiz about hiding stuff like that. Techno-idiots like me could really benefit.


  • Shay

    Anon – my problem would have been someone asking me why stuff was password protected. >.<

    Jim – I’m telling you, the mislabeled folder within a folder within an obcure folder can work! ^_~ haha

  • beth

    I went out of town recently and had a friend house sit, I left two Porn DVD’s on a bookshelf accidentally. I usually stash them in a file case in back of a closet. OOOPPS!!! And, I think she watched them. Good for her.

  • Anonymous

    after lurking for an eternity i might as well be a little helpful for those who want to hide their special documents :P

    try truecrypt!


    It’s free, small, easy, safe and since you can hide the encrypted partition in the explorer you don’t even have to explain anything :)

    mislabeled folders are useless if the other person really wants to find your stuff … they’d just have to do a search for “*.jpg” or “*.avi”

    And if you’re using firefox, you might be interested in

  • Hugo

    i don’t really hide porn… i guess nobody around here tries to find it..
    and besides… most of my porno is on dvd backups… and almost at plain sight on the desktop (welll… besides another bulk towers of disk… but they’re labelled just “porn” or sometimes if for example, it’s a collection of jenna jameson videos, porn jenna jameson, for example

  • ArtfulDodger

    Ha! I use the same trick, the old stupid looking folder within a folder idea. Although no one would dare look on my computer, I still do it.

    I do admit however that at my apartment I have to be more careful, as my son also uses my mac. So I mosty use anonymous software and keep nothing on the local drives. That would be hard to explain.

  • Cayman J

    I don’t have any new porn to hide (it’s all on dvd). My old stuff was password protected on disk. I knew people that would use subfolders and encyptions to hide theirs.

  • Pagan And Pervert

    My wife and I are both into the porn and we have no kids yet, so we really have no need to hide it. We don’t really, although it is kind of under a false folder – sort of. We’ve got it under general/other, so not really false, just misleadingly dull :)

    The only thing is from time to time we entertain family. While no one is going to be snooping per se, if there’s something we want to show others, we have to make sure the most recent documents and stuff are sanitised.

    Still, its really only kids we’ve got to be careful of. I found my dad’s porn collection when I was 11! I spent the better part of my youth pulling myself off to his mags and videos, so I don’t suppose he’d have any right or interest in commenting :)

  • Anonymous

    Porn? No, I haven’t any right now. Long story.
    Toys? In a locked box under the bed. No one knows about it.

  • Mike

    Depends on the type of porn.

    Still photos are in a folder called ‘s’.
    Movies (all three of them) are in a folder called ‘To Be Sorted’.
    Stories are in a folder called ‘ES’.

    Each is in a two-layer nested folder. That is, there’s my hard drive X then FolderA then FolderB inside which reside the other three. Not too obvious… to the person using my main computer ;) but the other two computers on my desk have shortcuts directly to them *laughs at self*

  • horny guy

    I don’t hide it. But I don’t let anyone use my pc either.

    Unfortunately, the hard drive where I kept it all died over the weekend. So I have nothing now. I don’t normally keep backups for porn. I have backups of all my other stuff tho.

    Oh well.

  • exile

    yeah, still do.

    i have friends come over and want to watch the blooper porn and such, but i still keep it all well hidden. my comp has sub files for days

    (but once in the files they are labled so anyone could use them…)

  • Anonymous

    My personal trick I’m surprised no one has mentioned yet, but its specific to Windowns…

    1) Windows has this nifty file attribute called “hidden.” Right-click your file or folder and goto Properties. At the bottom of the box that pops up, click where it says “Hidden.”

    2) In Window’s Explorer (the program that opens when you double-click My Computer), open the “Tools” menu and click “Folder Options.” In the View tab, you can select “Do not show hidden files & folders.”

    I make my porn file’s properties hidden, so when someone (g/f, family, whoever) comes by, I just change the folder options. Honestly some of my porn is on the desktop when i want it to be, b/c who’s going to change my folder options?? most ppl dont even know what folder options are…til now i guess

  • Cherrie

    Even if you are the only user of your computer, it’s best to disguise your adult files with an innocent-sounding name so that, when the inevitable day comes that you need your computer serviced, you aren’t embarrassed when the tech guy boots up your hard drive right in the middle of the store.

    Or just save all of it on one of those little thumb drives. Fits nicely in your toy drawer under the vibrators!

  • Anonymous

    Rename each file to .bak (from for example .jpg or whatever), rar it up with a password, then change the rar file also to .bak with a name like Jan2007jpgs.bak. Can just rename the files back to normal to find it again, and I believe 99% of people wouldn’t be able to open it (though some may ask what it is).

  • Anastasia

    It’s funny..but so true.
    I eventually bought a laptop that’s password controlled, and not on the net, so I transfer files across to that (after the housemate discovered my porn stash in the folder titled ‘trash’ and asked ten million questions.)

  • Tribal

    My porn is in ‘My Documents/My Pictures/Porn’ (or ‘My Videos/Porn’ for movies) archived into the various types (eg: Straight Sex, Lesbian Sex, Solo, Hentai, Group etc). I dont have any need to hide it, my current friends group who use my computer are open minded (and my last girlfriend would leech it off my computer!) I even have the ‘My Pictures/Porn/’ folder set as the source for the ‘My Pictures Slideshow’ screen saver for when I have alone time ;)

    Whenever I have needed to use a shared computer (eg: back in high school… not that I was into porn back then >_> :P) I used a combination of sub-foldering, changing filename extentions and hidden files. All my porn would be in the Windows folder under a randomly named directory, no-one ever looks in the system folders ;)

  • nemesiswish

    haha! so do I.
    actually did.
    I have switched to truecrypt!!! highly recommended.

    but from time to time my girlfriend stumbles across the stuff I forgot to put in the folders in the folders…
    that is actually now more a running gag than everything else, but think about having frineds at home and u want to show them the latest holiday pics, or tell them to go downloading some music to their mp3stick. u dont want them to find it. that would be embarrassing…

    but erveryone I know has had the occasional involutary “coming out” :) how ever, not always so embarassing as on friend whose ACDSEEE (porn on work PC, bad bad bad) defaulted to “THIS” directory when he wanted to choose another chart for embedding into a LIVE! TV programme (ok, it was just company internal), but some lesbian action still went on air for a sec :) hehe

  • Super

    I don’t have to hide mine, but I still much so when my partner was looking for it, to wank to, she couldn’t find it!

  • Anonymous

    It is just the wife and I so we have all our porn in the closet. I do have a few short videos on my ocmputer that she doesn’t know about. I don’t know why as she loves porn, but I still have them hidden with fake folder within a folder names…

  • Fluxedup

    I spool all my porn off to a 2 gig USB flash drive thing and then remove it.
    In the good old days you could use High ASCII characters to label folders. My fave was alt 255. That produced an invisible character, which rendered the folder invisible as well. You had to know it was there to access it directly. I had not thought that you could simply do a global search and find the gif files wherever they might be. Although I wonder if the old Windows 3.11 could see through that sort of thing.

  • ramble on!

    i hide porn in internet pages like this one, so i watch them later… but send me PLEASE more pics like the girl with the dick those really turn me on!

  • yn-san

    i dont have too much, but i think i might redo my hiding-stuff-ness….. -_- what ive got now is the folder in a folder in a folder and so on

  • Rook

    Hmm… Ah yes, I still do, even though I probably don’t need to. I like to think of my library as ‘sensitive documents’ that need to be protected, in case of emergency, and use repeated folder nests to discourage others from snooping, all of which hidden in a mislabled folder in ‘My Computer’, which is protected on start-up and resume with a twenty-eight digit password with mis-spelled words and personal information galore.

    There are a few problems with some of the other suggestions that I’d like to point out, for everyone’s sake.

    Hidden: Anyone with an aptitude for computers can just reverse the process as simply as it was started, by clicking ‘show hidden folders’, especially in XP, where that option is out in the open instead of in a menu.

    Start-up password: Anyone with a boot-disk can start up your computer and access the data therein without a need for your password, which is why computer techs don’t ask for it when they service your computer.

    Hope this information was helpful to you all.

  • Rook

    Errata to my previous post: ‘show hidden files’

    My appologies.

  • Anonymous

    It`s all on dvd in a well hidden spot [I even put all my internet ones on a dvd and erase the evidence] I must keep it hidden because I have alot of people I know who snoop around from time to time.
    Off topic: Its funny how I found this site I was googling futa pics when I found this site and I found it to be a great source of sex info anyway Shay keep up the good work.
    ps we both wear glasses lol

  • Anonymous

    hehe ^^ i dont have to hide either. i got laptop and im like onlyone who uses it. except someties my girlfriend uses too but o.o geez. she likes porn and hentai more than me :D:D:D shes usually like “have you dled any new porn/hentai. id like to watch” o.o and when im at my friends with my laptop. theyre all openminded and share their porns n stuff. nobody takes it too seriously. hear alot jokes n stuff about porn and sex n stuff every day so its not big problem ^^ so il just keep em on hard drive like. c;/videos/porn/ and then sorted allkinds ^^ and yeah i have like 800dvds(real ones) and like 30+ porn dvds there. my friends n girlfriend have watched em all o.o so dun have anything to hide ;P acually its quite good too cause my girlfriend watched those and she wants to try allkinds of stuffs what she sees on porn and hentai ^^ lol. so keep it real n be open people ^^

  • Xanthus

    Back when I still used Windows98, if you named a folder as non windows-friendly ASCII characters from the command prompt, like Ä?Æ, it would error whenever you tried to use it in windows.

    It would say, “Folder Ä?Æ does not exist”

    So, I had a .bat file that would rename the folder to that on cue, and another hidden in my start menu under ‘administrator tools’ that would rename it back to “Pr0n”.

    I had someone ask me about “the weird folder” once and I just told them, “Ah, I think it’s glitched” and they said “oh, ok!”

  • Anonymous

    Whenever other people use my computer, they get logged into a locked-down and monitored guest account – so if they decide to poke around, they get “access denied” errors – and I get a nice record of where they’ve been poking around. Honestly, though, I’d be more pissed off if they were trying to look through my personal or financial documents than if they wanted to look at my porn folder.

  • Maikeru

    I don’t know why I hide it still. Anyway, no one ever touches the machine except for me and any trusted friend I have over at the time. The only person who ever found my stuff was my previous girlfriend. Then again I left a few windows minimized and really didn’t care that she found them as she was the sort to actually go and purchase hentai on her own while at anime conventions.

    However, my basic hiding scheme is about the same as yours. The slight difference is that some of it (the still images) sits buried about 4 folder levels beyond the My Documents folder. The really amusing thing is that the folder that the directory sits in is a folder full of folders that contain tons of highly categorized, and very tame, pictures from a magical girl type Japanese cartoon. I’ve even manually altered the cartoon folder’s background to display an image related to that cartoon—usually geeky fan stuff will bore the majority of people poking around. Little do most people know that one of those folders is not the name of a character from the series and that folder contains something less than PG. I also keep a few moderately racy anime images (think 2 girls cuddling and holding hands in a somewhat loving way—which could also seem perfectly innocent depending on who’s looking at them) up a few levels higher and that would probably throw people off a bit.

    Oh and I’ve also removed the “Recent Files” menu item from my Start menu so that people don’t accidentally open anything particularly risque.

  • Anonymous

    I hide mine on another acount with a password so no one knows

  • UltimateZeldaFan

    Ohhh, damn. My porn. MY porn. (mostly hentai) Let’s see…count the folders.. “144 folders, 4,344 files”. The folders are just to organize different types of hentai/porn. And different series. But that’s just the main collection. It’s spread out all over other parts of my computer. Even my desktop background is a hentai image. Only person I have to worry about is my little bro, but he needs to learn about that sooner or later. xD So…yeah. I don’t really hide it. It’s more like “HEY, LOOK. THIS THING IS FULL OF PORN. GO EXPLORING. OH AND CHECK THIS OUT, THE BACKGROUND IS HOT!” xD I can’t wait until my bro finds it. That will be a priceless moment.

  • johndoe

    Well, my hiding method is fairly simple, but it works (even when I had to hide a few pics on a family computer until the time I could e-mail them to myself!). What I do is put them into hidden folders. Now, normally, a computer is set to not show hidden files and folders. If you wanna make it even more sekrit (misspelling intentional), apply the attribute to the files within as well (but then you have to re-do it occasionally, as the new ones won’t be hidden). Just make sure when you’re done, “Show hidden files” is set to off, and there you go!

  • Tank

    i use my usb flashport =D and i have my own computer, so that helps!

  • Tsuya

    I hide mine in a maze of numbered folders, 9 layers of nine folders.. it took a long time xD

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