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Product Review – Mini Mite

My first vibe ever was a little hard pink plastic pointy thing (see-through so I could see the motor); I had gotten it from a friend who felt that I should have one since I was away at university. To be honest, I think I used it once and didn’t like it so it ended up as a pretty paper weight on my desk.

But despite my not-so-great first experiences, I was pretty excited to see my mini mite arrive in the mail.

I got my mini mite vibrator from Intimate gifts. I was really excited to play with it because it comes with four different massage heads, each meant for a different type of stimulation.
The whole thing is about 12 cm( 5 inches) long, so it’s pretty compact and it’s waterproof – making it shower and hot tub friendly. It’s pretty similar in design to the pocket rocket massager, but with the two differences that I just mentioned: it’s waterproof and it’s got those 4 different heads.

I made sure to try each head in turn to find out which one I liked the best. I tried the nipple enlarger first, then the anal exciter, finishing up with the clitoris stimulator. Not having a penis, I later loaned the toy to a friend so that he could try the penis arouser head.

What I liked: At first I thought that having four different heads was a silly idea, but after thinking about and playing with it I’ve decided that it’s a really fun and smart idea. Having four different massage heads with names telling you where you use them really encourages you to try the vibe out on different parts of your body, instead of sticking to your known hot spot(s).

The mini mite is a powerful little vibe, which is great because it was really easily to maneuver and focus the powerful vibrations right where I wanted them. The waterproof-ness was also a great feature because playing in the shower (or tub) where you’re warm and slippery and soapy is a lot of fun (especially as the weather gets colder up here).

I also liked how easy it was to change the massage heads, even with wet hands. I sampled all of the heads and while each one was interesting, I found that the clit head was the best all around head for… well, everything. My friend also enjoyed testing this toy – he sampled the different heads too and agrees that the clit head is the best one.

What I didn’t like: At first I really didn’t like how the whole contraption vibrates because it was making my hand numb, but after a while (and a few more trials) I found that I didn’t notice it bothering me anymore. I also found it a little hard to vary the speed, which isn’t a huge deal, but hey, you asked.

This toy would be great for: Someone looking to spice up their masturbation and couples who want to play. This is a great compact toy for first timers because it gives you a lot of versatility so you can really explore and find new ways to stimulate yourself and/or your partner. It’s also non-phallic which can be an important freature for many people.
This would be a great toy to take on vacation because it’s small, but packs a punch with strong vibrations, waterproofing, and a variety of heads to chose from.

I thought that this was a very fun toy and although I didn’t think the other heads were that wonderful, it was nice to be given the option – thus the mini mite vibrator gets a 9.5 out of 10 from me.

Fun Tip: Try pressing the vibe behind his balls to turn your lover into a human vibrator!

Check out my review of the Pocket Rocket, a similar toy, HERE.

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7 comments to Product Review – Mini Mite

  • frhe sjgg

    I like that about pressing it between his balls ! Will definitely try that ! Thanks for the recommendation, Shay !

    Anne Elizabeth

  • Whatever

    Always wanted to ask a woman about this: does using a vibrator make sex with a man less enjoyable? That is, a vibe much more directed and intense stimulation than regular intercourse.

    Inquiring minds what to know ;-)

  • Shay

    AE – Hehe try *behind* instead of between, he might like that better. ^_~

    Whatevs – did you get my e-mail?

  • Anonymous

    I was wondering – how loud is this thing?

  • Shay

    It’s pretty quiet – someone in the same room might hear it, but they wouldn’t hear a peep with a door or a wall between them and the vibe.

  • Not too worried?


    Been tracking your site for a few years now (over the different domains even!) and you do a great job for promoting positive sex, I think. Then again, I think I was drawn here from the hentai ;) Good job for that and congrats on being able to enjoy yourself doing something you enjoy!

    I’m wondering about the same question Whatever asked. Will using a vibrator or a dildo make sex with a man less sensitive and require more in order to get off?

    I hope you see this comment, but judging from your reply in ’08 a day after their post, I imagine you will ;)

  • Hey!

    I don’t think using a vibe or a dildo should make someone any less sensitive or ruin sex with a partner. Whether it would raise someone’s “standards” of stimulation really has more to do with the person/people involved, I think – it might happen for one or two people, but not for many others – I guess sometimes you never know.

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