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Dream Sex

I was chatting with squiffy the other day, telling him about a strange dream that I had had the night before. Once it was told, he demanded that I share it with the rest of you, so you have him to thank for this post. ^_~

me: I had a really weird dream last night

none: really? what was your dream?

me: I was in my bedroom in my apartment here, fooling around with an ex boyfriend (who I saw for the first time in years when I was on my recent vacation this summer).
Things were getting hot and I convinced him to have sex with me.

none: you had to convince him?

me: Well, we have been broken up for a few years and have each been with other people since… then again he did say, and I quote, “I’d still hit it” when I saw him last. So…? Maybe it was one of those dream things.

none: haha

me: So anyway, pieces of clothing are pulled down and I get him to put it in, but then I can’t feel anything! I keep moving around, trying to shove him in deeper, but nothing!

none: get out!

me: I know! So to try and salvage the experience, I ask him to grab a vibe from my bedside table. But he doesn’t grab one from the drawer, he picks up this weird looking one from on top of the table.
It’s as big around as a coffee mug and bright pink. The top half is kinda squishy looking and pointy, with rotating beads inside.

none: that’s kinda hot…

me: So he picked up this big weird vibe and starts using it on me – but it’s like he doesn’t really know what he’s doing! He’s pressing it on my thigh and I’m just looking at him like he’s crazy and wondering what the fuck is going on. I got so ticked off that I ended up waking up.

none: What?! Too funny!!

When I woke up I felt kinda guilty for dreaming about having sex with that ex, even if it wasn’t any good. Maybe my subconscious is trying to confirm that I’m better off not having him in my bed. What do you think?

Anyone else ever had crazy sex dreams like that?


9 comments to Dream Sex

  • exile

    no guilt for you

    look, our dreams and minds are where we are free from all obligations. fantisizing about someone is completely allowed. i have and i’m sure past gf’s have.

    so just keep fanasizing! and if you need insperado allow me to send you my pic….

  • DZER

    umm … nope; it’s just you! ;)

  • Cayman J

    HAHAHAHAHAHA That’s funny shit. I think that because you saw him for the first time in years and you used to have a thing you dreamed about it because your mind was curious but you knew that you were better off with a new partner and that’s why it sucked. Just my opinion.

  • Dirty Debbie

    That is truly weird. I wish I could interpurt it all.

    I have had plenty of sex dreams, in all kinds of situations, but I must admot I’ve never had one like this one of yours.

  • baby221

    *shrug* I have dreams about my ex all the time, and if we aren’t outright having sex, we’re in that glowy-teasy-flirty prelude to sex stage.

    But he’s never been so bad in my dreams that I’ve had to wake up! :p

  • dave

    almost all my sex dreams are with seemingly faceless women. i either never look at their faces or they don’t really have a face i recognize

  • Jim

    Oh come on it’s so simple! You haven’t moved on yet.
    The real challenge is to understand why.
    When you do, there’ll be no more guilt.
    What a great start you’ve just made.

  • Anonymous

    Dreams are the safe space where all our fantasies can be explored. Perhaps you had a stray thought of your ex, or he came up in some other way. Your brain decided to do some defragging, and constructed a scenario where you could play out some feelings with him, maybe things left undone. Nothing to feel guilty about — I’ve had it happen to me before.


  • Dan

    It’s weird how you’ll have dreams about ridiculous stuff, but one thing in the dream will be unbelievably detailed.

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