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Film Fridays 31 – Ready for LiftOff

Yes the Stern is back on The S Spot, I just can’t keep him away!
But this video is way more fun than the one with Carmen Electra or even, dare I even say it, the one with Jenna (posted on a previous film friday).
Plus it’s a two for one!

Two girls for one Sybian!
Now that’s a threesome where you don’t have to worry about jealousy, except maybe for the people watching…

[And no, I do not know what is up with the three guys on the couch; I just tried to pretend that they weren't there.]


Oh and you can find an updated list of previous film friday features HERE.

9 comments to Film Fridays 31 – Ready for LiftOff

  • Laura V.

    that was HOT!!!! My Pussies wet now. thank you!!

  • Aragorn

    Hmmm … great movie !! You must enjoy digging through those archives … LOL. Be well dear ! (sorry for the lack of comments recently, too many projects going on … Will be ‘back’ shortly) – Hugs – A

  • Anonymous

    As Japanese,I have to say, What kind of movie is thiiis!!
    But,It’s so fun !! Thanks !!

  • Mark

    Like actualy liking Stern is a bad thing. Get over yourself.

  • Anonymous

    is Bababooie still there? What a loser…

  • Backdoor Slider

    Great video again Shay but those dang three guys almost ruined the moment….Have a wonderful weekend Shay

  • Shay

    Laura – You’re very welcome! ^_^

    Aragorn – hehe it is pretty fun, though the vids I find aren’t all winners. ^_~ I’ve noticed how much your blog is changing, it looks GREAT so far!!

    Anon1 – Yes, Howard even made a comment about how it was weird how they kept calling Akira “asian girl”. Ahh well, I’m glad you still enjoyed it. ^_^

    Mark – Actually Mr Stern is a pretty funny guy, it’s some of his sidekicks that I have a problem with. Get over YOURself. sheesh.

    Anon2 – looks like he still is, I think I like Artie even less tho and he’s still around too.

    BSlider – haha yeah I know! haha too bad I couldn’t edit the video myself, I would have cut their scenes.

  • toby

    3 guys def weird (I love looking at guys trying to conceal a stiffy!!! So funny!!)

    What about the sound guy? Has he got the best job in the world or not? I dont know how he doesnt flip out and lose control! I want his job

  • Anonymous

    I really like your website but every time i try to watch this( and some other) videos, metacafe has “removed it” or somthing like that and i cant watch it.

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