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CockCuntBlogging Wednesday 3

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Cancelled due to Snow!

It’s springbreak for me! I’m off skiing today!
But I did manage to snag this snuggly snow snooch for you
(okay it’s not really snuggly, but I couldn’t’ resist the alliteration).
Have a Great Day!
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8 comments to CockCuntBlogging Wednesday 3

  • Big Ed

    LOL…that is just too funny…I’d get frostbite for that ;-)


  • Biker & Teacher

    Aren’t you creative!

    Gives a new meaning to the word frigid!

    Wish I could be skiing today! Send me some snow please! 80 degrees here today.

    The Teacher

  • Aragorn

    Ah, a cunt with a red clit so any guy can find it … ! Super. – A

  • Wino & Wife

    I wish we had snow here so I could make a snow penis to go with it.


  • Desireous

    Happy skiing!!!


  • ArtfulDodger

    I knew she was cold, but I had no idea!! :) Enjoy the skiing and have fun.

  • Anonymous

    So is there any chance that next week the cuntblogging is going to be yours????

  • Shay

    Ed – haha no you wouldn’t! Submissive Kitten is nice and warm and ready for you ^_~

    Teacher – hehe I’ll trade you some snow for some heat! ^_^

    Aragorn – a tasty carrot clit, do you think it would help some guys if clits were blue or some colour that would stand out?

    Ken – I thought of doing that too, but the snow that night wasn’t quite right for snow penises and it was getting late.

    Des – Thanks!! miss you sweety

    Art – and the same (as above) to you too dear!

    Anon – haha nope I’ve got someone else lined up, but to be honest with you, if I ever did post mine I wouldn’t announce it so you’ll never really know if I haven’t or have posted it.

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