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Additions to the Valentine's Gift Guide

I told you I might have some more ideas ^_~ (see the full guide HERE )

I don’t know how I forgot to mention this toy the first time, but the Body Bouncer is another really cool toy/piece of sex furniture that is perfect for safely trying out tricky positions with your lover or for bringing a fun new dimension to solo play with a mountable toy. You can snag one of these from Lovedreamer.

Toys in Babeland have a number of toys that would make really fun Valentine treats. For example, have you always wanted to tie someone to your bed, but could never figure out how to do it without bedposts? Check out these restraints that mount on any mattress/box spring.

Babeland also carries the super cute “Fleur D’Amour(flower of love), a long stemmed rose with petals that peel down to reveal sexy suggestions for foreplay.

Another way to incorporate roses in creating a romantic atmosphere for yourself or for the both of you (or for a party) is the reusable rose petals in the “bed of roses” pack from Lovedreamer.

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4 comments to Additions to the Valentine’s Gift Guide

  • Desireous

    Let me try this again. LOL
    Anyway what would we do without you Shay?!! These are such great ideas!

    For a kinky deligtful gift be sure to check out

    Pussy Worship
    and see the kinky gift he gave her.


  • AlwaysArousedGirl

    I keep forgetting to tell you…I’m going to try to take a … ahem … picture? for you to use? later this week?



  • Shay

    Des – I’m so glad you like the ideas! ^_^ I love that heart crop! Hehe I don’t think I should get one tho, I would have far too much fun with it.

    AAG – for real?! You are so wonderful!! I’m starting my happy dance in advance. ^_^

  • :P fuzzbox

    That body bouncer looks like more fun than legally allowed.

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