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Pleasure Balm Review

As I mentioned, I actually decided to triple up on my product tests last weekend.
I tested the “Screaming O” tea
the Dilwood Wooden Dildo
and Kama-Sutra’s “Raspberry Kiss” Pleasure Balm

The Kama-Sutra Company advertises their pleasure balm as a “kissable emollient[an agent that softens and smoothes skin] that will intensify but prolong a male partner’ss pleasure during stimulation. “It cools the skin like a fresh breeze and invites curious kisses“. This product comes in three different flavours/scents: mint, tangerines & cream, and raspberry kiss (I tested the latter).

I had my assistant use the pleasure balm as a masturbatory lubricant before having sex, to see how it felt and to test if it could actually work to delay his orgasm. [I had him use it while I tested the Dilwood again - clever use of time, no?]

What he liked: My assistant really enjoyed the cool and tingly sensation of the balm. He also liked that it felt as if the balm had delayed his orgasm but without making his penis feel numb or insensitive.

What I liked: When we switched to penetrative vaginal sex, I enjoyed a slightly cool and tingly sensation from the residue of the balm on the entrance to my vagina (in addition to my partner’s stamina).

What we did not like: My assistant and I did not like the smell of this particular pleasure balm. To us, the “raspberry kiss” pleasure balm smelled like cough syrup or a fluoride treatment at the dentist’s. I also did not like the taste or the sensation of the balm in my mouth. But I would imagine that one of the other scents, like the mint balm, would have a more enticing scent and a better flavour.

Additionally, I found that if there was too much of the pleasure balm left on his penis before he entered me, too much of the balm got on my vagina and began to numb it a little. However, this could easily be avoided by using a condom after rubbing on the balm, before insertion (this product is also latex safe) or by wiping down his penis before insertion.

This is a great product for: a solo masturbator looking for new sensations (with the added benefit of some extra “staying power”). This would also be fun for couples who similarly want to bring some new sensations into their play; the pleasure balm can allow one to stimulate and tease a male partner without worrying about making him “blow” too soon. This could be fun to incorperate into some light bondage play too.

I am willing to forgive the scent and flavour of the “raspberry kiss” because this pleasure balm did fulfill its claims and does come in other flavours/scents; KamaSutra Pleasure Balm gets a 9 out of 10.

Try KamaSutra’s pleasure balm for yourself, head on over to and check it out in their lubes and lotions section.
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6 comments to Pleasure Balm Review

  • Alex

    May I suggest Trebor Extra Strong Mints, very similar effect and a minty cock after a blowjob too.


  • Shay

    Well, I wasn’t really giving a blowjob, he was just rubbing it on himself.

  • bedroomdancer

    Great review! I’m such a huge fan of mint that I’ve never tried any other flavor. I do have one stawberry one, but it has the tingle thing of mint. Too bad the raspberry kiss was yucky, the tangerines and cream doesn;t sound like something I’d like either.

  • Shay

    haha – I foolishly let him pick the flavour. I had a feeling that raspberry wouldn’t be good (from past experience with flavoured warming lubes) but I thought I would give it a chance.
    Maybe this would be a sexy scent for someone with a dentist fetish. ^_~

  • Goose and Gander

    What lovely advice. I envy you your job.

  • Aragorn

    Lovely ! Happy that you are willing to submit yourself to such harsh scientific testing … But than of course, to do real statistics, one need at least three repetitions … ;-). In any case, the pleasure balm sounds interesting … Thanks.

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