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Psst! Meet me in the Gym at Midnight!

I had a great workout at the gym this afternoon.

I’ve been going to the gym regularly since before I started university (years ago), but I have never been in one as crowded as the gym at this school!

Maybe I’m spoiled because I got used to working out in the evenings over the summer, when hardly anyone was at my summer gym.

And it’s not just that this gym seems to be crowded whenever I go…
it’s always crowded with men (and usually smells like stale sweat)!

Not that I’m sexist or anything, but it’s a bit lonely and I felt awkward for the first few weeks – there are almost no women working out at the same time as me. I get looks whenever I walk into the weight training area and have even spotted a few guys checking me out while I stretch – all very flattering, but not what I’m accustomed to.

It’s taken me a few weeks to get used being in a gym so crowded with sweaty gym guys. But I think I’m okay now…

I walked into the gym today and it smelled like sex.

I thought to myself: could it be because of the 3 dozen or so sweaty cocks in the room?
All those men, working hard pumping iron and pumping out pheremones into a poorly ventilated space…

As I went through my routine I couldn’t help thinking about all those sweaty cocks, hanging around in shorts and workout pants, bobbing their way over to the water fountain, dangling down while their “owners” did squats… It was quite a heady experience!

The smell of sex in the room was making me feel a bit lightheaded – so I quickly hopped onto an ellipse to try and work out my sexual energies and hopefully escape the smell of sex before I got too excited.
No luck. After a few moments, a guy started using the ellipse next to mine.

Usually I don’t take any notice of the other people on the ellipses, but I found this guy very distracting. The whole time that he was working out next to me, I could smell the salty sweet essence of his cock.
I tried not to glance over at him too often while I took deep sniffs of his aroma – so much for avoiding excitement.

Overall, it was a very pleasant workout today. ^_^

Or! Maybe the gym smelled like sex today because someone had organized a huge orgy in the gym over the weekend and no one had bothered to wipe down the benches afterwards!!
That could happen, right?

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11 comments to Psst! Meet me in the Gym at Midnight!

  • AlwaysArousedGirl

    You completely filthy girl! I love it! I thought I was the only one who ever had these wicked evil thoughts.

    How did your story end? Home to find your assistant? I hope…

  • Goose and Gander

    I have never been in a gym like the one in those pictures….what ever am I doing wrong?
    Oh well…I’ll just have to work out at home and pretend!

  • Lord & Ms C

    Bravo! What were you wearing? Some of the young women I bump into at the gym wear these flattering short shorts that leave nothing to the imagination!

    Also, did the the chap next to you benefit from seeing a breathless Shay? If so, I think I know why he was pumping out pheromones.

    Lord C

  • horny guy

    i always go to the gym late so its nearly deserted… also seems to be the best time to find scantily clad girls since they’re more comfortable when there’s no one around..

  • Biker & Teacher

    You got me sweating and I am not even working out!

    What happened when you got home?

    The Teacher

  • pantylines

    What a hot and erotic experience in the gym no less. That would encourage me to go more

  • Shay

    Lord C – I think I’m one of the only girls at this gym who wears close fitting workout clothes! I’m there in my nice little pants and tight little tank top and the other girls are all frumped out!

    I think the gentleman in question did notice me, we had a brief chat (durring which I refrained from telling him that I could smell his cock) ^_~

    AAG: Tee Hee, no you are certainly not alone!
    (And Teacher:) The cold walk back to my house cooled off my arousal a tad – which was just as well, since I had to wait quite a while before I was “fulfilled”.

  • Naughty Faery

    The girl with the black hair’s very cute!

    I’m going to the gym later, not sure I’ll look at it in the same way after your post, I’m afraid I don’t tend to think of things like that. I do laugh quietly at the guys who pose with the weights, and I admire the women who are on the treadmill running and have work papers in front of them, ultimate multi-tasking!

  • Tess

    Now those thoughts might be enough to get me back into the gym.

    I once actually did have a quickie behind the door of the mens locker room at the gym. That was nice, having one guy inside me while sneaking peeks of the other hard bodies changing.

  • Pornster

    I love this gym episode. First I was like “Hey, wait a sec. Why does this guy think of all the cocks around him?”. But since you’re a woman, it’s hot.

    Ever thought about that maybe you, the only woman in the gym, were the reason for this smell (if there was any smell, that is)?

  • pheromone cologne

    where can i get more info?

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