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Cuntblogging Wednesday 55

Well, it looks like this lovely reader has a gift for you!
Perhaps you can guess what it might be?

If you’d like to appear on CBW,
Send in a pic!!

We’re still looking for our first cock or cunt of 2011!
It could be you!

Send your pic to

CuntBlogging Wednesday 54

This week’s pic was actually a submission in my recent CBW contest!
She didn’t win, but let’s all let her know that we appreciate her entry!

In case you’re wondering, she’s wearing a mandarin orange jello shot – because I love jello shots and think they go excellently with beer.

“So, admittedly, [...]

Cuntblogging Wednesday 53

We’re taking a little break here on our road to the 200th ClockbBlogging Wednesday post
because I just like to mix things up when I can with a cuntblogging post.

“I thought you might like a picture of a pussy. Im not sure how many you actualy get because women tend to [...]

Cuntblogging Wednesday 52

I always like it when I can mix things up with a Cuntblogging Pic for CBW

I hope you ladies aren’t forgetting that you can send in pix for CBW too!

What about YOU what to you think of cuntblogging?


I do love a generous couple

Wanna participate [...]

Cuntblogging Wednesday 51

Are you looking at this week’s cover-up and shouting
“WTF is that Shay?!” at your montior?

Well, first of all – calm down!
Second, it’s an egg tart (actually 2 egg tarts)!  One of my favouritest desserts!
There’s a Chinese bakery not far from the office where I’m working for the summer that makes some [...]

CuntBlogging Wednesday 50

Hmmm sounds like J’s been practicing her photography skills
I like the sound of that!

What do you think of the result?

Omg Clickthrough!

“I’ve been experimenting with shots and I would like to share some of my raw images here with the readers of your blog since I’ve been taking more [...]

CuntBlogging Wednesday 49

You know that thing that happens where you forget what day of the week it is?
That totally happened to me and I forgot about CBW!!!

To make up for my silliness,
you get a cunt instead of a cock today!
Just to change things up a little.


“The thought of making a [...]

CBW sort of 181 and sort of 48

I wasn’t sure how to classify this week’s CBW submission, but that’s kind of the awesome thing about it,
don’t you agree?

I am now back from Turkey and regular posting can resume – so keep an eye out for more exciting posts!
(speaking of Turkey I’ve posted a few photos from my trip [...]

CuntBlogging Wednesday 47

So you’ve reached the end of the rainbow
and look what you’ve found!

It’s twice the treasure!

“I’ve decided to send in some photos of me, sent in a couple so it’s up to you to decide which one to put up. Btw, I’ve sent in my pictures before and was featured [...]

Cuntblogging Wednesday 46

Wow, my readers with vaginas really came through this year for Feb’s celebration!
I’ve received quite a few gorgeous photos over the past few weeks – more even than I could use this month (but not to worry, you WILL get to see them all eventually ^_~ I’d never let them go to waste!)